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Revival Audio catalogue doubles


Sporting the same vintage style that made newcomer Revival Audio’s debut, high-end Atalante speaker range so alluring when it arrived Down Under last year, its new Sprint series sees the French company seeking to forge a name for itself in the market’s mid-tier price point.

Designed and assembled in France, the

Sprint 2 are two-way bookshelf loudspeake­rs,

while the Sprint 4 are their 2.5-way floorstand­ing counterpar­ts. Both boast what Revival calls an “innovative Elytron Acoustic Ba›e design”, which is essentiall­y a lightweigh­t, high-strength constructi­on crafted asymmetric­ally to help optimally guide soundwaves as they leave the speaker, and thus reduce cabinet di raction.

Daniel Emonts, Revival Audio's CTO and co-founder, clearly believes in his vision. “I’m immensely proud of what we’ve been able to achieve with the Elytron ba›e on the Sprint 3 and 4,” he said. “Having personally attached the final design to these speakers, I’m excited for others to now hear the crisp, flawless sound [they] are able to deliver.”

Both models feature a 28mm soft-dome tweeter, enhanced by Revival’s patented ARID (Anti Reflection Inner Dome) technology for absorbing unwanted resonances in the back cavity of the speaker, out of harm’s way. They’re paired with seven-inch BSC (Basalt Sandwich Constructi­on) woofers. Considerin­g these driver technologi­es are also present in the higherrang­ing Atalante models, and considerin­g how much the Atalante 3’s performanc­e was praised by my colleagues, the Sprint speakers look to have strong engineerin­g foundation­s indeed.

The Sprint 3 o er a nominal impedance of six ohms and a claimed frequency response of 55Hz-22kHz, whereas the Sprint 4 claim a nominal impedance of four ohms with a 45Hz22kHz frequency response.

In terms of housekeepi­ng, the 20.6kg Sprint 4 floorstand­ers come with foot spikes for stability, vibration absorption and better sound imaging, with the smaller 9.1kg Sprint 3 able to be placed on Revival’s optional speaker stands.

Available in Blonde Oak, Walnut or Matte Black finishes, the Revival Audio Sprint 3 cost $1,750 while the Sprint 4 will set you back $3,200 — less than half the asking prices of the Atalante 3 and 5 respective­ly.

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