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Serious headphone heritage


Sennheiser has designed its fair share of classic over-ear headphones over the years starting with the number ‘6’. The iconic HD 600 and HD 650 both fall into this category, but will the brand's new HD 660S2 be a pair to look back on in a few years with a similar sense of fondness?

As part of the design process for these latest open-back headphones, Sennheiser says it took onboard feedback from owners of the previous HD 660S model to help it shape the sound quality of the HD 660S2.

And the result, according to the German brand, has been an upping of the ante in terms of detail, dynamics and bass. It has implemente­d a number of design tweaks, one of which is aimed at improving the airflow around the 38mm driver via a new vented magnet system. This system has been designed to reduce sonic distortion and help deliver a more dynamic and dramatic sound. The HD 660S2 also use a lighter aluminium voice coil than the previous-gen model, while impedance matches Sennheiser’s HD 600 and HD 650 models at 300 ohms.

“With precision and power like no other and new sensitivit­y across all frequencie­s, listeners will hear details they’ve never heard before, especially at the lower end of the spectrum,” said Jermo Koehnke, Sennheiser’s Audiophile Product Manager.

The HD 660S2 feature plush ear cushions, an eye-catching jet-black finish and bronze accents. Of course, being open-back, they have outer mesh grilles that allow you to peer into the inner sanctum of the headphones too.

In the box is a storage pouch and two 1.8m detachable cables — one with a 6.3mm socket and the other with a 4.4mm balanced plug.

The Sennheiser HD 660S2 over-ears are available now for $949.95.

For more informatio­n, contact Sennheiser Australia on 1800 648 628 or visit

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