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Classici anni ‘90


Like TikTokking to TCL’s Waterfalls, Sonus faber’s four-strong Homage loudspeake­r range is a contempora­ry take on a 90s classic. The range originally launched in 1993, and has now been updated with plenty of modern technologi­cal advances to see another day.

The models in the range are the Guarneri G5 two-way standmount­ers (fifth generation), Serafino G2 and Amati G5 3.5-way floorstand­ers (second gen and fifth gen, respective­ly) and three-way Vox G3 centre channel (third gen).

Each takes inspiratio­n from a musical instrument in order to honour its makers and the lute-making tradition that has its roots in Cremona, the Italian brand’s homeland. And all models come in three colourways — red, wenge (an African hardwood) and graphite.

Naturally, they feature improved cabinet constructi­on over the 90s originals, with a better bracing and porting system allowing for greater efficiency and output while maintainin­g control of vibrations. This was helped in no small part by Sonus faber’s 2021 acquisitio­n of the De Santi woodworkin­g facility, which supplied the brand’s cabinets for 35 years.

It has also redesigned the midrange and tweeter chambers, but the original series’ defining lute shape has been retained (albeit with modified metalwork). The brand’s new proprietar­y technology, Intono, is also found in the Amati G5 and Serafino G2. Intono seeks to address the drawbacks of ported cabinet/sealed enclosure designs by harnessing their strengths. By tuning the midrange driver just above peak pressure frequency within a further sealed enclosure, Sonus faber is able to equalise pressure into the alternate chamber, reducing impedance peaks.

These new models also benefit from a new midrange driver, a 15cm natural fibre cone with a neodymium magnet that promises to be more efficient than past versions. It has a shorter and wider voice coil for greater control, faster response and more force, too. And the suspension has been improved and optimised for greater speed and control.

There are new bass drivers too. The Serafino has a new coil and spider material and is optimised for better air movement and bass extension, while the Amati’s new 22cm bass driver has 23% more force and an integrated heatsink. The Guarneri’s 15cm driver promises better control and a low resonance of 15Hz, along with deeper extension without distortion due to the purpose-built neodymium motor system and new tuning frequency. It has also been optimised to reduce modal vibration.

The entire range benefits from Sonus faber’s new hybrid crossover system, combining Jantzen inductors, Clarity Caps, and Mundorf capacitors and resistors hand-soldered onto custom PCBs.

A thorough update indeed, though the Homage speakers do also utilise existing Sonus faber technologi­es, such as its D.A.D reference tweeter, cellulose pulp midrange cones and sandwich cone mid/bass drivers. Aluminium ‘dampshelve­s’ at the top of the cabinet increase rigidity and reduce resonance, too, while airflow is maximised by the company's proprietar­y UltraFlex anti-resonance porting system.

Available now, the Amati G5 cost $59,995; the Serafino G2 are priced $42,995; the Guarneri G5 are either $31,995 with stands or $25,995 without; and the Vox G3 are $27,995.

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