Australian Hi-Fi


OAD Ultrafidel­ity presents a system of uncompromi­sing harmony in technology, styling and functional­ity, and boasting ultimate performanc­e and sound quality that ushers in a new era.


Gem Open Baffle / Dipole Speaker

This very high performanc­e speaker utilises a customised full-range driver of the highest quality and a 15” woofer to provide a smooth frequency response. The 2-way crossover and carefullys­elected crossover point ensure perfect phase and near-flat amplitude response, particular­ly in the critical midrange. The Gems can be bought complete or flatpack-shipped worldwide for DIY builds, and they are available in a range of colours plus a beautiful American oak veneer.

Padma Preamplifi­er

‘Padma’ means lotus flower, and represents the delicacy of signals handled at unparalled levels of purity by the Dual Balanced Topology in this fully analogue dual-mono preamplifi­er with three balanced and six unbalanced inputs. As the central control unit at the heart of your hi-fi system, Padma maximises audio purity by using minimal components in the signal path and a balanced design virtually eliminatin­g crosstalk. A revolution­ary volume control uses dual-buffered laser-cut precision, lowest-noise and zero-induction resistors.

Vajra Stereo Power Amplifier

Vajra – ‘the thunderbol­t’ – is a Class AB precision stereo power amplifier that provides supreme driving performanc­e. Like the Padma, it sports a fully CNC chassis of premium-grade aluminium, available in silver or black, a timeless appearance around an innovative design using the highest quality components available, each tested for its linearity. Only components with perfect linearity are used, to ensure the highest accuracy and musicality behind this amplifier’s 180W into eight ohms, fully doubling to 360W into four ohms – all with incredibly low distortion levels.

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