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The (second) Marriage of Figaro


Five years pretty much to the day after Audio Solutions launched its Figaro loudspeake­rs, we now have their successors. The Figaro MK2 is a revised iteration of the Lithuanian company’s most successful speaker series in its 12-year history — more modern both inside and out.

The biggest update has been in the cabinet structure, which has moved from a Self-Locking design (first introduced in its Overture MK2 speakers some eight years ago) to what it calls a Cabinet-In-a-Cabinet (CIC) system, as found on the company's flagship Virtuoso loudspeake­rs it released in 2019.

Speaking of the cabinet change, Audio Solution says: This system proved to have such a huge potential that we decided to stop developing a Self-Locking cabinet any further and sink ourselves into developing a Cabinet-In-a-Cabinet system. Figaro Mk2 right now features a fully functional Cabinet-In-a-Cabinet (CIC) enclosure directly taken from a much more expensive speaker series. This is the major and most significan­t update for new Figaro speakers.

As for the more modest modificati­ons, there has also been an update to the outrigger system, which now has a smaller footprint and better stabilises the speaker. And there are now dedicated bass drivers made by Sb Acoustics, compared to mid-bass units in the previous version. The crossovers have been updated with thicker wire air coils, too.

The six new Figaro models, priced between $4,995 (for the C2 centre channel) and $34,500 (for the largest tower, the XL2), come with a 'bespoke' trim which includes six colours in satin decorated with brushed metal gold-like accents.

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