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T+A’s new streaming preamp/DAC is finally with us following a long delay. The PSD 3100 HV ($28,000) couldn’t launch as originally planned last winter because the processor for its streaming circuit board was cancelled. Instead of releasing it with a temporary fix, T+A decided to use a di‡erent chip and integrate its own third-generation Streaming Architectu­re into the bargain. So while it might be late, it should be worth the wait.

This new streaming platform integrates all of the usual tricks (including Apple AirPlay, Amazon Music, Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect) for direct streaming from your mobile directly to your T+A device. And as it is actually the same streaming architectu­re found inside T+A's new R 2500 R multi-source receiver, the company says it has the same performanc­e potential as the R-series separate.It also allows DSD files to be streamed directly via the streaming client. From this summer, this functional­ity will also be integrated into the HV-series and R-series multi-source players too, while owners of existing modules in those series can have it retrofitte­d for a price.

To cater for physical sources as well, the PSD 3100 HV also boasts a full complement of inputs — AES-EBU, BNC, coaxial, optical, USB DAC, USB (HDD), HDMI and aptX HD Bluetooth — plus LAN and WLAN socketry. Radio in DAB+, FM, FM-HD and internet flavours is also onboard.

Despite its diminutive size, it should be adept at driving the more demanding loudspeake­rs out there, too, thanks to its preamplifi­er and Class AB output stage technology (the same as found in T+A's PA 2500 R integrated), which is capable of delivering 250 watts of continuous power per channel into four ohms.

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