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The Ultima(te) integrated


Chord Electronic­s has welcomed an integrated model to its Ultima amplifier range, which sits below its flagship Ultima Reference series.

The fittingly named Ultima Integrated is Chord's first full-width integrated design in years and joins the handful of dedicated pre and power Ultima models that have appeared in recent years. The 125-watt (into eight ohms) Integrated features 'advanced' error-correction topology, which monitors and corrects signals prior to the output stage for improved signal accuracy. According to the British company, the Ultima Integrated also benefits from the latest developmen­ts in low-distortion power supplies to deliver “outstandin­g amp operation”.

The latest Ultima houses four inputs — one fully balanced and three unbalanced. Each utilises individual bu‡ering and selective filtering against radio frequency interferen­ce, as well as selection switching through microproce­ssor-controlled relays. There's also an AV bypass input and a balanced preamp output for connecting it to additional power amps.

Design-wise, the new model mimics the Ultima Pre 3 preamp by sporting a 28mm-thick front panel, which has a central power on/o‡ control that uses multi-coloured dimmable lighting to indicate the amp’s playing status. The so-called “power sphere” is then surrounded by a combined volume and input selector and a combined balance and AV bypass control.

The metal case itself is aircraft-grade aluminium, with the lid featuring a vented design and a dimmable LED light ring. The Ultima Integrated is available in a choice of Jett Black or Argent Silver finishes, and can also be spruced up with a polished black acrylic side block option for no additional cost.

According to Chord Electronic­s owner and chief designer John Franks, “the new Ultima Integrated o‡ers levels of performanc­e not yet seen in any integrated amplifier” and, thanks to its four line inputs, delivers “high energy power levels and fast transient power that Chord Electronic­s’ products are known for.”

The Ultima Integrated wears an £8,500 price tag and is due to start shipping towards the end of the year, nearer which time we will have Aussie pricing. Plenty of time to save up, then!

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