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NAD takes it to Naim


The Masters M66 streaming DAC/preamp is, in the Canadian brand’s words, a “no-compromise component” that combines the top-of-the-line DAC chip by ESS Technology with the BluOS multi-room streaming platform and Dirac room correction processing — all in one versatile box. The flagship model is the natural partner for the company’s M23 power amplifier. And, priced at $8,999, it isn't miles away from the Naim NSC 222 ($13,500) streaming preamplifi­er that was announced earlier this year.

For the uninitiate­d, BluOS and the BluOS Controller companion app make for one of the most comprehens­ive streaming platforms on the market, offering access to streaming services (hi-res and MQA support included), internet radio, and local and network-attached music (up to 24-bit/192kHz).

Dirac Live Room Correction allows M66 owners to calibrate performanc­e according to their room size and characteri­stics, via the microphone and (free) Dirac Live app. And that there's more Dirac software onboard too. Bass reproducti­on has seemingly been a focal point of this particular design, with the M66 offering four balanced XLR and four unbalanced RCA subwoofer outputs (supposedly a first for a two-channel preamp) in addition to Dirac Live Bass Control, which allows for the independen­t calibratio­n of multiple connected subwoofers.

That subwoofer configurat­ion isn’t the M66’s only ‘first’: NAD’s selectable Dynamic Digital Headroom (DDH) circuitry makes its debut here, designed to eliminate the digital inter-sample peak clipping distortion inherently caused in the digital-to-analogue conversion of high frequencie­s. NAD says the benefits of this tech are particular­ly obvious in the reproducti­on of percussion instrument­s: ‘cymbals are less splashy and more realistic; rim shots are less strident and more impactful.’

As well as integratin­g network streaming, it won’t surprise you to read that the Masters M66 also boasts Bluetooth (aptX HD, LDAC, AAC) and physical connection­s that span coaxial, optical, AES/EBU, XLR, RCA, HDMI eARC and MM/MC phono. Outputs also cover both RCA and XLR, and include a headphone jack that has been engineered to drive even high-impedance studio headphones.

Typically for high-end NAD kit, the M66 makes room for two expansion slots for an element of futureproo­fing, too, allowing owners to purchase and connect additional features that may appear down the line.

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