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Q Acoustics' latest 5000 loudspeake­r range is a thrilling blend of old and new. The 'old' are some of the same cabinet and driver technologi­es from the firm’s flagship Concept range, while the 'new' is the C3 Continuous Curved Cone profile that the British brand promises will revolution­ise the mid/bass driver. Now all the series needs is something borrowed and something blue...

The C3 (pronounced "c-cubed") promises the best of both worlds: the bass performanc­e of a straight conic cone with a flared cone’s high/mid-range frequency control. Q Acoustics claims that the driver tech has lower harmonic distortion, and is integrated more smoothly with the tweeter, while the bass dynamics allow for more versatile placement without adversely impacting the sound.

Q Acoustics is so confident in its new C3 technology that it says it “will form a technical platform for years to come”.

The five models in the range are the 5010 bookshelve­s ($1,099), 5020 standmount­ers ($1,399), 5040 ($2,349) and larger 5050 ($TBC) floorstand­ers, and the 5090 centre-channel ($899). The range is positioned between the 3000i range and the Concept series in Q Acoustics' lineup.

All five speakers in the 5000 series have the C3 tech, along with an engineerin­g design that’s taken from the Concept series but packed into new housing. The high-frequency driver in each model is hermetical­ly sealed and mechanical­ly isolated from the front baffle to protect it from internal cabinet pressure and resonances from the mid/bass driver.

There’s a ground-up mid/bass driver design that aims to deliver increased power handling, while Point-2-PointTM (P2P) internal bracing stiffens the cabinet to minimise lower frequency vibrations while also focusing stereo imaging and improving the soundstage. Two of the range's models (5040 and 5050) also benefit from Helmholtz Pressure Equalisers (HPETM) technology, which reduces internal pressure and standing waves. These were previously seen in Q Acoustics’ flagship Concept range, as were the 5000 range’s tweeter design and P2P bracing.

All 5000 series models have front baffles laminated with a layer of butyl rubber and black acrylic trim — this provides a damping layer to suppress vibrations. And all come in a choice of four finishes: Satin Black, Satin White, Santos Rosewood or Holme Oak.

Thanks to the presence of the 5090 centre channel, the 5000 Series can also cater for a

5.1 surround sound home cinema setup. You can choose from either the 5010 5.1 (two 5010 pairs, 5090, QB12 subwoofer, $3,999) or 5040i 5.1 (one 5040 pair, one 5010 pair, 5090, QB12 subwoofer, $5,199) speaker packages.

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