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Since moving to Australia, Swedishbor­n founder and creative director Sara Lundgren has channelled a love of well-crafted and timeless design into her thriving homewares brand, Zakkia. “One day I just started sketching things and decided to find someone who could make them,” says Sara (pictured below). “After a year of developmen­t and prototypin­g, we released the first Zakkia collection in 2014.”

While Zakkia’s simple but striking wares are designed in a Sydney studio, manufactur­ing takes place in Vietnam and India by local artisans. “Before we work with a new producer, we visit their workshops and meet the makers,” says Sara. “We need to know that everyone who is a part of Zakkia is happy, healthy and well looked after,”

Sara is currently focused on expanding the brand’s reach in Europe after launching there last year, while Zakkia’s aesthetic keeps growing along with its market. “In our 2017 Collection 02, inspired by winter in Sweden, we’ve experiment­ed with new materials such as silver metal, painted ceramics and handblown glass,” she says.

“Our aim is always to make high-quality, handcrafte­d design accessible to everyone.”

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