Australian House & Garden


Johnathon shares some firsts and favourite things.


FIRST ADULT HOME? A townhouse in Centennial Park, in Sydney’s inner east. It went through a few different looks over the years.

BUCKET-LIST DESTINATIO­N? I’ve always wanted to go to Scandinavi­a (4). Seeing the Northern Lights would be absolutely magical! A FAVOURITE MEAL? My husband Brian is an amazing cook, so anything made with love by him is my favourite meal.

DREAM CAR? A Citroën DS (10). A true classic.

I LOVE A VASEFUL OF… Any flowers that are orange or hot pink (8). I don’t shy away from colour!

FAVOURITE ARTISTS? Australian artist and designer Loudon Sainthill and French founder of Cubism, Georges Braque (1), both late and much lamented. Also Sydney magical-realist painter, Christophe­r Lewis (9).

WHO INSPIRES YOU IN THE WORLD OF DESIGN AND ARCHITECTU­RE? Australia has an incredibly talented community of architects and designers and their work inspires me every day. I adore Lynne Bradley’s interiors, they’re always so interestin­g. The architectu­re of Scott Weston – his eye for detail and form is amazing.

FAVOURITE FASHION LABELS? Ralph Lauren (3) and Carolina Herrera (6). I like timeless and refined fashion.

FAVOURITE SCENT? It has to be Oud & Bergamot by Jo Malone (7). It’s a very distinctiv­e and woody scent.

FAVOURITE MOVIE? Auntie Mame (2), starring Rosalind Russell.

SOME DESIGNER HOMEWARES I COVET... I simply couldn’t do without my rugs and carpets from Designer Rugs (5).

I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT... My iPhone. I love to stay connected.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden lately. You might even call it an obsession! I find it very rewarding.”

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