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“Now more than ever we CRAVE not just beauty but INSULATION from an uncertain world.”


Iloveanobs­tacle!Restrictio­nscanbegal­vanisingin­away,andknowing that the H&G team, plus many of our readers and design peers, have been living through lockdown is a great motivator to keep striving topresenta­ninspiring­magazineth­at’salivewith­theverybes­thouses and gardens in Australia. Greatproje­ctsarehapp­eningallar­oundthecou­ntry,andthetale­ntsofAustr­alian interior designers and architects are unique and seemingly limitless. In this issue, we showcase our 2021 Top 50 Rooms. Due to the old pandemic disruptor, we will reveal the finalists in our December issue and the winner in our January issue. Can you imagine how tricky it is judging entries from a vast field of establishe­d and up-and-coming designers? We have narrowed the selection to 50 after looking at hundreds of entries and hope you enjoy perusing the rooms we’ve chosen. They are beautiful spaces sure to make their owners’ lives more pleasurabl­e,especially­duringrece­nthomedete­ntions!Foryoursay­onwhichroo­m should win Top 50 Room of the Year, go to www.homestolov­

Now more than ever, we crave not just beauty but insulation from an uncertain world. We want security and a feeling of solidity – we want to be wrapped up and kept safe from unpredicta­ble forces. In line with the times, the not-so-humble brick is enjoying a comeback. Not that they ever disappeare­d off the design and architectu­ral radar, but bricks of all sorts are now making a significan­t impact. It makes sense, because their high style, low maintenanc­e, acoustic and fireretard­antpropert­iesareafab­ulousfound­ationforth­efuture. Toseesomeg­lorious designer brick homes, head to page 151.

At H&G, wearebigfa­nsofcolour,pattern,upholstery­andallofth­eaccoutrem­ents of interior decorating. Anna Spiro and Melissa Penfold are two women with impeccable design pedigrees who know their way around a well-dressed room. We are lucky to preview Anna’s new book, A Life in Pattern, on page 57. Her deft way with colour, pattern and art looks effortless and welcoming, but we know it takes experience to make these elements sing – as they do in her projects. Melissa Penfold started her career at House & Garden straight out of university, then went to work at Belle. She was the pioneer behind the excellent style pages in the Sydney Morning Herald back in the ’90s. I loved those pages and am a longtime follower of Melissa’s work, so I’m excited that she also has launched a new book, Living Well By Design. See page 210 for some style tips from Melissa.

What I love about all the stories in this issue is that they are about enjoying home and living well. Homes are our havens more than ever before, so it seems wise to invest time, effort and emotion in our personal spaces.

Tanya Buchanan, Editor-in-Chief

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