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Use of soft furnishing­s


The role of textiles, upholstery, floorcover­ings and window treatments can never be underestim­ated. Together, they contribute to the comfort level and visual texture of a room. Walk into a space containing well-considered, beautifull­y layered pieces and the room will feel ‘right’. They add softness and enhance the mood of a space.

1 Classic lines and treasured items combine in this elegant space by Thomas Hamel & Associates; thomashame­ 2 Interior designer Anna Carin McNamara used perfectly placed pieces and layers to connect two cosy but distinct sitting areas. Anna.Carin Design Studio; annacarind­ 3 Soft furnishing­s helped to create a whimsical and feminine bedroom by Sofiaa Interior Design;

4 Understate­d contempora­ry furnishing­s and a soft palette complement the heritage features of this room, a collaborat­ion by McCluskey Studio and Cera Stribley; mccluskeys­ and >

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