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Outdoor rooms


The ultimate expression of inside-out living, the outdoor room opens up and extends the home’s living and entertaini­ng spaces, enticing people outside. At their best, these spaces exude comfort while being connected to greenery and nature.

1 Designed as part of a whole-house renovation by Studio Prineas, this rear deck extends the kitchen and dining spaces into the garden; studioprin­

2 A generous dining table, suspended pod, and lush surroundin­g landscapin­g combine to create a backyard haven by Mint Pool and Landscape Design and

Mil Constructi­ons; and milconstru­ 3 There’s a choice between a timber-screened cabana or an alfresco dining space in this project by Archaea Architects; 4 This poolside room has been converted into a mini hacienda by Katie Sargent Design; katiesarge­

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