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“It’s been another erratic year, but the PROSPECTS for 2022 are optimistic.”


Ithink we are all ready for some fun! I hope you are feeling fabulously carefree and reading this from a glamorous sunlounger in your garden, by the pool or beachside. It has been another erratic year, but the prospects for 2022 are optimistic. Australia is opening for business: breakfasts, lunches and dinners are back on the menu, design talks are on the agenda, performanc­es have returned to the stage and seeing friends and peers is refreshing.

We are hearing a lot about The Great Resignatio­n, and I guess the last couple of years has been a time of great introspect­ion and reflection. So many have been coping with remote work, often juggling home-schooling as well... It’s not surprising that people are feeling burnt out and are seeking lighter and more joyous experience­s. Let’s hope La Niña and Omicron are easy to wrangle!

The homes featured in this issue all share a sense of fun, an appreciati­on of enjoying the moment and living life well. Take our cover house: designer Kate Walker has created a veritable mini resort from a tired 1980s home on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula (page 20). Sydneyside­rs Sarah and Jeff have certainly embraced the ‘living well’ mantra in their forever home (page 78). With the help of a strong design team, they have created a stunning oceanfront retreat that is both casually sophistica­ted and welcoming for family and friends.

In Adelaide, Jane and Michael employed architectu­ral firm Williams Burton Leopardi for their foray into downsizing (page 90) and simultaneo­usly upscaled their quality of life in their reworked heritage beauty. On Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, creative couple Emily and James engaged architect Aimee Goodwin to imagine their dream home (page 100). Painstakin­gly built by James working closely with Aimee, this house shows the power of solid planning and a collaborat­ive design team.

Louise Walsh worked with Susan and Andrew on their home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, which had a specific brief. After their daughter suffered a brain injury, they wanted to take advantage of the healing power of nature but needed a home that would work for her unique needs – turn to page 112 to see the result. And take a look at Florence’s beautiful residence in Perth, page 150. Inspired by her travels, Florence designed this home to work for all ages and stages of family, and when you read the story, you will appreciate how happy she is with the result. She says that when she wakes up every morning, she thinks of the line from the Simon & Garfunkel song ‘The Only Living Boy in New York’: I’ve got nothing to do today but smile...

Happy New Year, welcome to 2022 and let’s keep on smiling.

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 ?? ?? Tanya Buchanan, Editor-in-Chief
Tanya Buchanan, Editor-in-Chief

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