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Kids Scarf

A child’s scarf with button feature in Katia Triana using large needles



• 1 ball 100gm Katia Triana in colour


• 1 large button


• 8mm knitting needles • 12mm knitting needles


Length: Approx 40cm


Correct tension is not essential for this scarf.


Note – To cast on sts stretch the end of Triana open and lay flat. You will see that the Triana is made up of a series of interlinke­d holes. You will be working along the top row of these holes along one side edge of the yarn and leaving the rest of the yarn to form a frill.

You will be using these top holes as if they are a length of yarn.


Cast On Beg at the top right edge approx 5cm from end of yarn, insert one 8.00mm needle through one large hole from front to back, this becomes your first st.

Leaving approx 4cm between the first st and next st, rep this process to make 2nd st. Rep this entire process until you have 8 sts on your right-hand needle. Row 1: Swap the needle with the 8 sts on it into your left hand. Insert the rem 8.00mm needle through the first st on needle as if to knit, wind the Triana around as if to knit slipping the next large hole onto right-hand needle (as before), then complete the stitch in the usual manner, cont to knit every stitch in this manner to end. 1 row garter st.

Knit a further 7 rows garter st in this manner.

Change to 10.00mm needles.

Note – Do not stretch Triana open and lay flat from this point, but instead knit without opening up the tape.

Cont in garter st until Scarf measures 40cm from end of Frill.

Change to 8.00mm needles.

Once again spreading Triana open, knit 7 rows garter st (as for first frill).

Cast off loosely.


Do not press. Sew a button in position in centre of scarf above one frill and fasten through knitted fabric as desired.

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