Australian Knitting



Castiing on iis creatiing a row of lloops on a kniittiing needlle to form the base row for your kniittiing..One of the most popullar methods of castiing on iis the cablle cast on..Form a slliipknot about 25cm away from the end of the yarn..

Pllace the slliipknot on a kniittiing needlle and pullll gentlly to secure..Holld thiis needlle iin your lleft hand..IInsert the riight-hand needlle through the slliip knot..Pass the yarn over the poiint of the riight-hand needlle (see Diiagram 1)..

Pullll a lloop through the slliip knot wiith the riight-hand needlle (see Diiagram 2)..Pllace thiis lloop on the llefthand needlle and gentlly pullll the yarn to secure the stiitch.. For the remaiiniin­g cast-on stiitches, iinsert the riight-hand needlle between the slliip knot and the fiirst stiitch on the lleft-hand needlle..Wiind the yarn around the poiint of the riight-hand needlle..Draw a lloop through and pllace thiis lloop on the lleft-hand needlle..

Contiinue iin thiis manner untiill you have cast on the desiired number of stiitches..

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