Australian Knitting



Once you have cast on,,you then kniit iinto the stiitches you have made to form the kniitted fabriic..

Holld the needlle wiith the cast on stiitches iin your lleft hand,,wiith the lloose yarn at the back of your work..IInsert the riight-hand needlle from lleft to riight through the front of the fiirst stiitch on the lleft-hand needlle (see Diiagram 1)..

Wiind the yarn from lleft to riight over the poiint of the riight-hand needlle (see Diiagram 2)..Draw the yarn through the stiitch to form a new stiitch on the riight-hand needlle.. Slliip the oriigiinal­l stiitch off the lleft-hand needlle, keepiing the new stiitch on the riight-hand needlle..To kniit a row,,repeat these steps untiill allll the stiitches have been transferre­d from the lleft-hand needlle to the riighthand needlle..Turn your work,, transferri­ing the needlle wiith the stiitches on iinto your lleft hand to work the next row..

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