Australian Knitting



Alt - Alternate; alternatel­y

Beg - Begin; begins; beginning

CC - Contrastin­g colour

Ch - Chain

Cm - Centimetre/s

CO - Cast on

Cont - Continue; continuing

Dec - Decrease; decreasing Dk - Double Knitting

Foll - Follow; follows; following

G st - Garter stitch. If knitting back and forth, knit every row. If knitting circularly, one round knit, next round purl.

Inc - Increase; increasing Incl - Including

K - Knit

K1 - Knit one stitch

K2tog - Knit two stitches together

Kb - Knit through the back of the stitch

Kwise - Knitwise

M- Make one stitch

MC - Main colour.

When two or more colours are used, the main colour is the yarn that is dominant.

P - Purl

P1 - Purl one stitch

P2tog - Purl two stitches together

Patt - pattern

Psso - Pass slipped stitch over previous stitch

Pb - Purl through the back of the stitch

Pwise - Purlwise

Rem - Remaining Rep - Repeat

Sl 1 - Slip one stitch across from left needle to right needle without knitting it.

Sl 1 Purlwise - Slip next stitch off left needle onto right as if to purl the stitch.

Sts - Stitches

St st - Stocking stitch.

If knitting back and forth, one row knit, next row purl. If knitting circularly, knit each round.

SSK - Slip, slip knit. Makes a left slanting decrease.

Slip two stitches knitwise, on at a time from the left to the right needle, then knit them together through their backs.

Tog - Together

WS - Wrong side

Ybk - Yarn back

Y fwd - Yarn forward - bring yarn under the needle, then over to the knitting position again, creating a new stitch.

Yo - Yarn over.

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