XM 481

Australian Mountain Bike - - Speakers’ Corner -

The XM 481 is la­belled as an All Moun­tain rim in the DT Swiss line-up, how­ever, some con­fu­sion of­ten arises as this cat­e­gory can mean dif­fer­ent things de­pend­ing who you talk to, not to men­tion we will be assess­ing two dif­fer­ent rims from within this cat­e­gory. How­ever, mostly we are look­ing for­ward to see­ing how the XM 481 han­dles it­self and then com­pares to the XM 421, both clas­si­fied as All Moun­tain yet with 5mm dif­fer­ence in over­all rim width. We do ex­pect that these wider rims will prove to be the most sturdy and durable out of our three test wheels and across our three cho­sen trails, but enough of this chitchat, let’s get setup and get out there !


As this was the first set of wheels and tyres we setup for this test, along with per­haps be­ing the most suited to our 160mm travel test bike, we started with our base­lined air pres­sure (rear pres­sure of 27psi and a front pres­sure of 25psi) and sus­pen­sion set­ting us­ing a Shock­Wiz. Out on the trails this setup did of­fer very low rolling re­sis­tance and lit­tle to no tyre roll on turns, but was lack­ing the grip we were chas­ing equally across the three tracks. This was to the point

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