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Chances are, if you are go­ing to buy a new bike/frame to­day, it will be Boost. Boost is here to stay thanks to the ad­van­tages in wheel strength and stiff­ness and how de­sign­ers can adapt frame ge­om­e­try. Boost hub spac­ing in the front has gone from 100x15mm to 110x15mm, and rear has gone from 142x12mm to 148x12mm. Man­u­fac­tur­ers have done this to open up more op­tions for tyre, and chain ring clear­ance as well as ad­van­tages when de­cid­ing on ge­om­e­try. Boost hubs also build up a stiffer and stronger wheel due to be­ing wider. This is all well and good, but you prob­a­bly have a per­fectly fine set of wheels or hubs in your cur­rent bike. Luck­ily there are a few op­tions to con­vert your non-Boost hubs to Boost. In this ex­am­ple we are go­ing to use a Prob­lem Solvers and Wolf Tooth kit. The Prob­lem Solvers kit is a sim­ple washer and ro­tor spacer that will work with any hub.

The Wolf Tooth Boost­i­na­tor kits are hub spe­cific. They only make them for DT Swiss, Hope and White In­dus­tries hubs. They are a lit­tle neater and eas­ier to use as they re­place an end cap that is al­ways at­tached to the hub. You will still need to go through the pre­vi­ous steps to dish and space out the ro­tor. There are a few op­tions for front hubs as well. Some you won't have to dish the wheel, so you don’t. If you do need to re-dish the wheel, just fol­low the steps for this rear wheel ar­ti­cle. Again, Prob­lem Solvers and Wolf Tooth make kits for front hubs as well.

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