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Let all of the air out of the fork and re­move the valve core. You will now need to re­move the top cap. With all fork top caps, it is rec­om­mended you use a flat 6-sided socket piece. This lim­its the chance of round­ing and dam­ag­ing the top cap. We use this Abbey Tools ones which work fan­tas­ti­cally. Now the top cap is re­moved. On the un­der side of the cap you can see an ex­tra part stick­ing out. This is where the vol­ume spacers clip onto. I re­quire two ex­tra spacers in my fork, which I will clip into place. Al­ways con­sult the man­ual for your fork. Each brand and model will only al­low a cer­tain amount of spacers to be used. Thread the top cap back in and tighten to 24Nm. Pop the valve core back in, and in­flate the fork as per the man­ual. Check your sag. You should be run­ning the same pres­sure as be­fore you added spacers.

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