Australian Mountain Bike

Rider: Amir Kabbani Location: Boppard, Germany


Camera: Nikon D5 Lens: Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 Settings: 18mm 1/2000sec at f4.5 ISO 1600 Amir Kabbani is a German supertalen­t who has flown a little under the radar lately. I was extra keen to work with him after watching his incredible ‘In the Woods’ edits and last year I finally got the chance to shoot a home-story at his self-built bike park. Amir rides with a distinctiv­e speed and aggression and still has some top-of-the-game slopestyle tricks in the bag after retiring from competitio­n. I shot this sequence of a superman on, truckdrive­r off on his whale-tail during a session with visiting Brits, Sam Pilgrim and Tom Cardy.”

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