Australian Mountain Bike

What lube should I use?


1. Dry Lube – thin lubricant that has low mileage but won’t bring the trail home with you. 2 . Wet Lube – thick lubricate that has long mileage but will bring the trail home with you. 3. Wax Lube – super thick cream that is dry to touch. Long lasting but not the easiest to clean.

When should I be cleaning my drivetrain?

This will depend on what lubricant you use and how often you ride. A sign that your drivetrain needs a clean would be that your chain sounds gritty when pedalling or leaves big black marks on your hand when you touch it.

Can I ride my bike after I just lubricated it?

Yes and no, most lubricants need time to set after being applied. Read the back of the bottle and see the manufactur­ers’ recommenda­tions. It is good practice to lubricate your chain after a ride not before.

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