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cylin­der de­ac­ti­va­tion and all-wheel drive, and 2.0-litre petrol and diesel four-cylin­der en­gines, with a nine-speed au­to­matic and front- or all-wheel drive give the lighter (by as much as 300kg) new Com­modore strong on-pa­per per­for­mance and econ­omy cre­den­tials.

Aus­tralian tuned steer­ing and sus­pen­sion with the flag­ship model’s torque vec­tor­ing all-wheel drive, dual-clutch rear diff and adap­tive dampers prom­ises to give the next-gen Com­modore flag­ship a rear-drive flavour and ca­pa­ble han­dling to go some way to­wards mak­ing up for the lost bent-eight bur­ble. In

another twist to the un­cer­tainly fu­ture faced by Holden, Gen­eral Mo­tors brands Opel and Vaux­hall have been sold to Peu­geot and Citroen par­ent com­pany PSA Group.

Opel and Vaux­hall have been loss mak­ing brands for GM’s Euro­pean di­vi­sion and the pur­chase by PSA is set to re­turn them to profit. The sale makes PSA the sec­ond-largest car maker in Europe be­hind Volk­swa­gen.

The move has medium and longer term im­pli­ca­tions for Holden’s model line-up. But for the next few years at least, in the wake of the clo­sure of Holden’s Aus­tralian man­u­fac­tur­ing oper­a­tions sched­uled for Oc­to­ber 20 this year, the lo­cal GM brand’s mod­els, in­clud­ing the Opel In­signia-de­rived next-gen­er­a­tion Com­modore, will be sourced from Opel and Chevro­let.

A state­ment is­sued by GM con­firmed that the long stand­ing ties be­tween Holden and Opel would con­tinue, and that the As­tra and In­signia pro­grams – the lat­ter forming the ba­sis of the 2018 Holden Com­modore – “are not af­fected at all.” The state­ment also con­firmed that ex­ist­ing agree­ments to sup­ply cars to Holden will con­tinue. How­ever, be­yond the life cy­cle of the cur­rent As­tra and In­signia, it’s not cer­tain whether Opel sup­ply would con­tinue, or if Chevro­let might be­come a more log­i­cal source of fu­ture Hold­ens, which leaves the Com­modore’s long-term fu­ture up in the air.

The deal, which in­cluded GM’s Euro­pean fi­nan­cial di­vi­sion, to­talled 2.2 bil­lion Euros – ap­prox­i­mately AUD$3 bil­lion – and is ex­pected to bring economies of scale in R&D, tool­ing, pur­chas­ing and mar­ket­ing. AMC is seek­ing a Syd­neysider who has or­dered a soon-to-be-built HSV GTSR W1. We’d like to tag along on de­liv­ery day for a story we’re plan­ning that doc­u­ments an owner’s ex­pe­ri­ence of pick­ing up the last Aus­tralian mus­cle car. Con­tact the ed­i­tor via am­ced­i­to­

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