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vvvvCOVER STORY: The 1968 Hardie Ferodo 500, the race that trig­gered the whole Ford vs Holden war

BUY­ERS GUIDE: 1985 HDT VK Com­modore SS Group A CLUB: Fal­con Co­bra Car Club SPORTS SEDAN MUS­CLE: Bruce Carey’s V8-pow­ered Ford Capri

BY THE NUM­BERS: 1977 Holden LX To­rana A9X DRAGS: Mau­rie Allen’s XW Fal­con BATHURST MUS­CLE: PE 027, aka Perkins/In­gall win­ner from 1995 MIA: Two L34s found, three lost; look­ing for Jane’s Repco V8 To­rana

vvvvvvCOVE­R STORY: Pete Geoghe­gan’s Craven Mild HJ Monaro 350

BUY­ERS GUIDE: 1971 Ford XY Fair­mont GS 302 2v

MUS­CLE RACER: Frank Gard­ner part 1, his in­ter­na­tional suc­cesses

MUS­CLE CLUB: Ley­land P76 Clubs of Aus­tralia DRAGS: Bob Campbell’s To­rana V8 SPEED­WAY MUS­CLE: Paul Ash BY THE NUM­BERS: 1971-72 Holden Monaro GTS 350

BATHURST MUS­CLE: GMS 008, Mur­phy/Richards win­ner from 1999 PLUS: Found! Dick­son/Bond Fal­con

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