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Car: Holden Monaro HT GTS Home­town: Mel­bourne, VIC

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What is it? “It’s a HT Monaro GTS fit­ted with the orig­i­nal 186S en­gine and orig­i­nal Pow­er­glide au­to­matic. It’s painted in orig­i­nal Kash­mir White with the orig­i­nal vinyl roof.” When did you buy it? “I bought the car about four years ago from my un­cle. He in turn had bought it from his dad, who pur­chased it brand new from Pre­ston Mo­tors in Essendon.” Why did you buy it? “My brothers both had Monaros when we were in our early twen­ties. I my­self had a HQ Monaro but I al­ways loved the shape of the first gen­er­a­tion. We all ended up sell­ing our Monaros for the go­ing rate at the time, which was only about $3500. It is, of course, a mas­sive re­gret. I spent the next 20-odd years dream­ing about get­ting an­other one at some point! It was to my de­light when I was of­fered my un­cle’s car. He used it as a daily driver, and when he handed me the keys he also gave me an en­ve­lope of around 50 notes that had been left on his wind­screen over the years from want-to-be

buy­ers! The only rea­son he sold it was be­cause the steer­ing was get­ting a bit much for his arms. He went and bought a new Toy­ota Camry.” What do you know about its life? “When I got it, the car was un­touched but in pretty good con­di­tion. My un­cle had done a cou­ple of lit­tle mods se­cu­rity-wise, like a Lock­wood front door lock that would also lock the auto. Other than that, it was un­touched. I should add he also put some tape on the speedo that marked 60km/h and 100km/h, as the speedo is in miles-per-hour. The Monaro club asked if I would not re­store it, as it was a great ex­am­ple of a car that had been un­touched for the past 50 years. How­ever, I couldn’t help my­self and have re­stored the car to the day it rolled out of the show­room. I also had the en­gine re­built – and I’m pleas­antly sur­prised with how strong the en­gine is. Just the other day I was driv­ing along a back road sit­ting on 80 miles per hour and it still had plenty to go.” Any­thing you’d like to add? “In a way the Monaro has al­ways been part of the fam­ily. It will stay that way, as I plan to give the car to my son for his 21st.” ED: Troy is a third-gen­er­a­tion Speed­car driver, owns a bike store and is a drum­mer. Di­verse!


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