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We all like movies don’t we? And clearly we all like mus­cle cars. And some of us like mod­els of mus­cle cars. So let’s look at a few mod­els of mus­cle cars from the movies. Now, car movies tend to be what they call ‘big, dumb and fun’ – lots of ac­tion, loud music, ex­plo­sions, girls with great bod­ies and not much in the way of a cere­bral chal­lenge. And to me, lots of car movies are as an­noy­ing as hell, es­pe­cially rac­ing movies. So much of what they try to show is garbage. But any­way, that’s not the point here.

Ob­vi­ously, for Aussies the ul­ti­mate movie mus­cle car is the V8 In­ter­cep­tor ‘last of the V8s’ from the orig­i­nal Mad Max. The iconic Fal­con coupe with the Ar­cadi­pane bodykit, mas­sive blower and sin­is­ter black paint was as big a star as Mel Gib­son. And it has long been mod­eled. Biante started off in die-cast form with a cou­ple of ver­sions of the car in Mad Max 1 and 2 form.

Lo­cal kit maker (but now de­funct) Caval­lier Mod­els made a kit in resin, which I built years ago. Sadly, the resin body didn’t like be­ing in my hot shed/of­fice one sum­mer and has par­tially melted. I’m not sure what to do with the wreck and can’t bring my­self to chuck it out.

Last is­sue, we saw the lat­est it­er­a­tion of the In­ter­cep­tor, from Biante. If you missed out rst time around, you might be luck­ier this time. [ED: Bruce, you should cre­ate a dio­rama de­pict­ing the wrecked In­ter­cep­tor from Mad Max II.]

There’s also a 1:64 scale one, from Green­light Collectibles. At some­where south of $20, that’s much more in my bud­get.

And while we’re on the sub­ject of In­ter­cep­tors, if there’s a ‘last’ there must have been a ‘ rst’. And now you can get a model of the MFP XB four-door. With its front spoiler, guard ares and that roof spoiler, it was a tough-look­ing bit of kit. Due for re­lease in the third quar­ter of this year – which starts about the time you’re read­ing this. This one will be 1:18 scale.

The up­com­ing model car expo will have a cou­ple of 1:64 Mad Max cars avail­able – the MFP four-door and the panel van with the bad guy’s hand hang­ing off it. Ew.

An­other lo­cal lm with a mus­cle car model avail­able is The Wog Boy. Star­ring Nick Giannopou­los and Vince Colosimo, this was bloody funny, with Giannopou­los play­ing the lead, a slightly feck­less Greek guy who doesn’t have a real job but still man­ages to get around in a pretty hot Valiant coupe. It’s a 1969 VE with a bon­net scoop, fat chromies and things hang­ing off the mir­ror. And it’s also been re­leased by Green­light.

So many movie mus­cle cars come from Amer­ica, as you’d ex­pect. Where to start? The home of mus­cle cars has given us many great movies with great cars. Pos­si­bly the stan­dard­set­ter in terms of mus­cle car movies is Bul­litt. Steve McQueen ac­tu­ally did some of the driv­ing him­self in this po­lice drama/chase movie. The car was a Mus­tang 390 Fast­back and it’s been mod­eled a few times. Green­light (again) have done this car, and the Dodge Charger be­ing chased. Check on eBay, you might nd one there for a good price.

A pure chase movie, Van­ish­ing Point starred an­other Dodge, this time a 1970 Chal­lenger. A car courier (Barry New­man) is caught in an ever-tight­en­ing po­lice net. The lm’s con­clu­sion is shat­ter­ing. This car was mod­eled by Johnny Light­ning, Green­light and oth­ers. No­table also for the ap­pear­ance of Cleavon Lit­tle, who would go on to be the Sher­riff in Blaz­ing Sad­dles. An­other chase movie, but much lighter, is

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry, a buddy movie as much

as a chase one. Peter Fonda and Su­san Ge­orge are try­ing to get Larry (Fonda) into NASCAR. All they need is money. So they steal some. And the cops chase them. With me­chanic Deke (Adam Roarke) in the back­seat, this is an­other chase with a tight­en­ing net. The car is also an­other Dodge, a 1969 Charger R/T with 440 cu­bic inches of good­ness. Avail­able from Johnny Light­ning, among oth­ers in a num­ber of scales in­clud­ing 1:64 and 1:24.

Gone in Sixty Sec­onds gets a run, of course. Both ver­sions of the lm, that is. First, the orig­i­nal from 1974. There’s the leg­endary ‘Eleanor’, a Mus­tang, but there’s also a rather choice-look­ing pur­ple Ply­mouth Hemi Cuda. All en­gine and skinny wheels, as you’d ex­pect! This is from Green­light, too. Eleanor has been mod­eled sev­eral times, also as you’d ex­pect. In the re­make Eleanor is a 1967 Shelby GT500 – droooool. There are so many oth­ers: Smokey and The

Ban­dit, the Fast and Fu­ri­ous lms, there’s even a Corvette in Star Trek! No doubt oth­ers will come to me in the fu­ture. This is a topic we might have to visit again.

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