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Con­grat­u­la­tions on an ex­cel­lent mag­a­zine! I was de­lighted to re­ceive my copy of is­sue #101 and read the ‘Holden V8 Til 98’ ar­ti­cle fea­tur­ing pho­tos of the beau­ti­ful Ber­muda Blue HSV VT GTS.

I have a car that’s al­most iden­ti­cal (build num­ber 326) and the only dif­fer­ence is that my car is an auto and doesn’t have the per­for­mance brakes. How­ever, it does have

the pre­mium au­dio with 10-CD stacker. [ ED: CD stack­ers, we re­mem­ber those!]

I love the VT GTS as it is the per­fect mix of old school and new school. Also a great looker with all those curves!

I have owned my car for two years and en­joy tak­ing it to car shows around the South Is­land of NZ and on the lo­cal Holden club’s runs. Ross Bai­ley Motueka, NZ

Mad about Max’s omis­sion

Ijust wanted to point out a very, very glar­ingly ob­vi­ous omis­sion from the top 25 of NASCAR/AUSCAR list, Max Dumesny. Mul­ti­ple Aus­tralia cham­pion in many forms of motorsport in­clud­ing NASCAR cham­pion 1992/93 and a com­peti­tor in the V8 se­ries for a few years with the John Sid­ney pre­pared Valvo­line Fal­con who also is ano-her motorsport icon in Aus­tralia with his en­gine build­ing busi­ness. Jon Collins Email

Mus­tang’s en­try not wel­come

Is­sue 101 con­tained the wel­come news that Ford were not go­ing to race the Mus­tang in Aus­tralia, only for is­sue 102 to im­me­di­ately re­verse this and say it will be raced af­ter all. As a long-term driver of old Mus­tangs on both road and track this is bad news in­deed. The re­al­ity is that Ford race teams will stop rac­ing tube­frame spe­cials with arti cial Fal­con pan­els and re­place them with tube­frame spe­cials with pre­tend Mus­tang pan­els. If the Mus­tang spe­cial is faster than the Holden spe­cial it will be pe­nalised; if slower, it will be given an art cial leg-up. Where’s the in­ter­est in that? If Ford had re­fused to en­ter the so called Su­per­car cat­e­gory and fol­lowed the ex­cel­lent ex­am­ple of Mercedes, Volvo and now Nis­san, there was a good chance this class would fold up and be re­placed by real races for real cars, in­clud­ing real Mus­tangs built by Ford. Sadly, this has now been post­poned and we’ll have to go on ig­nor­ing this class and fo­cus on the cat­e­gories listed for the Mus­cle Car Masters. Long live Group N and Her­itage rac­ing, real cars with real va­ri­ety! Rob Switzer Email

This Bud’s now a dud

Iwas in ru­ral SA pick­ing up an XB GT for a restora­tion project and while we were be­ing shown some other ve­hi­cles (fu­ture projects) by the owner, I saw a lit­tle bit of sig­nage on a car that was be­ing made in to a drag car. When I asked what the car was I was told it was a 2000s era Mus­tang that was be­ing pre­pared for rac­ing by John Bowe but the fund­ing fell through. I was quite shocked as I am a Bowe fan and had never heard of it. Maybe you guys can chase up a pic? It would have been good to see the car com­plete not just as the patches you see now. Steve Danger­field Email

Henry II not Ed­sel II

In the story of The Fac­tory Poverty Pack, there’s a side­bar ti­tled ‘When Barry knocked back Harry’. In this side­bar, the story men­tions the in­fa­mous XP Fal­con 70,000 mile dura­bil­ity test. It also men­tions that this test was held in the pres­ence of Ed­sel Ford.

Al­though my en­tire car mag­a­zine and book col­lec­tion is in stor­age at the mo­ment be­cause I’m mov­ing house soon, the orig­i­nal Ed­sel Ford died in 1943, and Ed­sel Ford ll would’ve been a young kid, so I’m pretty sure that this test was ac­tu­ally graced by a visit from Henry Ford ll, who was as­tounded by the crazy Aussies. Phil Minns Email ED: Phil, you are quite cor­rect. We got our Ford de­scen­dants mixed up.

Brock/Larry VN replica

Won­der­ing if you can help; I’m build­ing a replica Brock/Perkins VN SS Group A Com­modore race­car and I’m keen to get pho­tos of the cars back in the day. There’s a par­tic­u­larly good shot of the cars, in ex­actly the liv­ery that I like the best, in the big ‘The Fi­nal As­sault’ fea­ture you did in is­sue #43 show­ing Brocky with Larry Perkins close be­hind.

Also, any tips on where I might buy some old VN or VP 17x11” ( ve-stud) Dy­mag race wheels (as run on the Group A cars) to suit the car?

Re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate any help you can give, and thanks again for a great mag­a­zine. Tony John­son Fair­lie, NZ

FG’s Mini replica in France

I’m French and would to know more in­for­ma­tion about the #17 Mor­ris Cooper S Class C car that raced in the 1966 Gal­la­her 500, driven by Bill Stan­ley and Fred Gib­son.

If you have more in­for­ma­tion/pho­tos/videos or other, I’m in­ter­ested to have it be­cause I’m build­ing a Mor­ris Cooper S for His­toric car com­pe­ti­tion in France with the same colour and char­ac­ter­is­tics as the #17 car from 1966. I’m not sure if it’s pos­si­ble to nd ‘Vaughan and Lane’ stick­ers? Matthieu Per­rot France matthieu.per­ ED: Matthieu, Fred Gib­son was chuffed when we passed your email and pho­tos onto him. Who would have thought that some­one in France would repli­cate his Bathurst ‘66 ride. What we don’t un­der­stand is why you chose the run­ner-up and not the win­ner?

Track and to­pog­ra­phy

Great shots of the Bathurst track and to­pog­ra­phy in is­sue #102, par­tic­u­lar the Shut­ter Speed two-page shot of cars head­ing down­hill from Sky­line through the Esses. I note that one guy has al­ready hit the deck in that crowd. And yes, like the com­ment made in the mag­a­zine im­plied, I doubt that there has ever been a bet­ter spec­ta­tor turnout than in ‘68. I know that it promised the ma­jor con­fronta­tion be­tween GMH and Ford and this was a great draw­card. That’s why yours truly was there.

Also in that edi­tion, it was great to get Bob Mor­ris’s guts on Ade­laide’s ‘79 ATCC de­cider. The un­der­dog pre­vailed, with lesser gear, over the mega-bucks team. How I wish this stuff was in the record book, so that when peo­ple talk about how great Joe Blogs was as a driver, based purely on his win sta­tis­tics, that they might re­assess their opin­ions based on re­al­ity.

Re­gard­ing the My Mus­cle Car sec­tion, there is great po­ten­tial in this seg­ment for good hu­man in­ter­est yarns. The story on the 307 GTS Monaro out Liver­pool way was a good ex­am­ple, telling it as it was back then. And magic stuff that the car is still with the orig­i­nal own­ers. Eric Waples Al­bion Park, NSW

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