John Comber

Australian Muscle Car - - Punter Pics -

“Acou­ple of real oldies from Sandown’s early days,” writes John. “Check out the back­ground at Dan­de­nong Road Cor­ner in 1963. I was a ag mar­shal with the Vic­to­rian Ama­teur Drivers Club (VADC) and we did a lot of ag wav­ing at Sandown in those early days. When on re­lief I was able to take a few snaps of some of the cars. Noth­ing wrong with snap­ping a spin­ning Tri­umph in front of fol­low­ing cars. Car #59 in the pro­gram said ‘A Mof­fat’ which didn’t mean much to me then, but some years later when I was go­ing through old snaps I re­mem­bered read­ing that Al­lan Mof­fat started out rac­ing in a red Tri­umph TR. So I be­lieve th­ese are early snaps of ‘Al Pal’ or ‘Moff’ as he is of­ten known.”

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