Ken Scorer

Car: 1977 To­rana LX A9X four-door Home­town: Cen­tral Coast, NSW

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When did you buy it? “I got it in 2009.” What do you know about its life?

“It was a barn nd, ac­tu­ally. A cou­ple of mates told me about it at the pub one day, but I didn’t be­lieve them. The story was that there was a guy who’s got this To­rana, and it’s ei­ther an A9X or an XU-1. You think, ‘Oh yeah, sure’. Turns out it had been sit­ting in this guy’s shed since 1988. It had been stolen and then re­cov­ered, but he never had the money to put it back to­gether again. It was just a rolling shell; he had the mo­tor sit­ting next to it. He was a panel beater, and there was no bon­net on the car; he just had a big board across the front guards and had all his paints set out on there. When he had to paint a car, it got rolled out of the garage, and then rolled back in af­ter­wards! It had been there like that for about 20 years – an A9X that was used as a paint cup­board! When it was stolen it was only gone for two days. It was found at Black­town where they were chop­ping the car up at 2am, and the neigh­bours had com­plained to the po­lice about the noise! So the cops came and busted them! That was lucky be­cause they didn’t get the chance to rip too much out of it. They had the mo­tor out, but a lot of the A9X stuff, like the spe­cial A9X ra­di­a­tor, was still there. I lost the com­pli­ance plate, so it’s got po­lice num­bers on it now. But I was lucky that the thieves didn’t steal too much off it. It took about 18 months to get it back road­wor­thy again. It was a labour of love – I was liv­ing in Syd­ney and the car was on the Cen­tral Coast, and I’d come up ev­ery Fri­day night and spend the week­end on it. I got the mo­tor re­con­di­tioned, but the diff and gear­box are orig­i­nal. I had an SL 253 hatch which I had to sell to buy this and to pay for the work in xing this one. With this car I’ve done all the proper things. The last car I did up be­fore this, I didn’t do all those things and you no­tice the dif­fer­ence.

How does it go?

“It’s 1970s fast, if that makes sense. You can’t com­pare it to a new car. But in the MC Ham­mer Time ses­sions at the Mus­cle Car Mas­ters, I had it up to 190km/h down the straight, and that’s fast enough for me! It’s a lot of fun; we took it down to the his­toric meet­ing at Phillip Is­land ear­lier this year, went down with a big con­voy with the XU-1 club, and it was a great week­end.”

Any­thing you’d like to add?

“I just love driv­ing it. It’s like an ad­dic­tion. Af­ter a week or two, you think, ‘God, I want to get in the To­rana again!’ I could jump in it now and drive it to Queens­land if I wanted to. I prob­a­bly will never sell this car. But I think my son’s got his eye on it! The thing is: this car’s worth so much money, it’s like a piece of art – ex­cept that you don’t put it on the wall and look at it. It’s point­less hav­ing it in a garage just to look at; you’ve got to drive the things. That’s what they’re made for.”

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