Cherie McA­dam

Car: 1972 Ram­bler Hor­net Home­town: Port Pirie, South Aus­tralia

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What is it?

“A 1972 Ram­bler Hor­net, 258ci au­to­matic SST, Aus­tralian-built.”

When did you buy it?

“I bought it in July 2009 from Ku­nunurra, in far north­ern West­ern Aus­tralia, at the time we were liv­ing at Wyn­d­ham, which is about 100km away.”

Why did you buy it?

“My hus­band went to look at it for a mate pre­vi­ously. His mate pro­cras­ti­nated about buy­ing the car and my hus­band was go­ing to buy it him­self but the car dis­ap­peared. So as women do, I went shop­ping a cou­ple of years later and the car was out the front of the Ku­nunurra Air­port fuel de­pot again and up for sale again. My hus­band was away in Perth so I con­tacted him and I told him that the Hor­net had resur­faced, so I left a note with the ve­hi­cle ask­ing the owner to con­tact me, which he did, and then I bought it be­fore my hus­band got home.”

What can you tell us about its life?

“The car was in Ku­nunurra for many years with the guy we pur­chased it from. It had been up for sale a year or so be­fore we got it and we were go­ing to look at it but it dis­ap­peared not to be seen again un­til 2009. The pre­vi­ous owner told us he pur­chased the car from South Aus­tralia

and that’s about all we know of its owner his­tory. A to­tal of 1825 Hor­nets were built by Aus­tralian Mo­tor In­dus­tries in Port Mel­bourne. Ours in one of 355 made in 1972.” How does it go?

“We have made no changes to the car since pur­chas­ing it. It has a 258 six and goes re­ally well, how­ever it doesn’t get out much these days. It is un­mo­lested and in orig­i­nal con­di­tion. It is wait­ing its turn for some TLC.”

Any­thing you would like to add?

“I love the shape of this car, the ares make it stand out and I think it is what the Cen­tura, Cortina and later To­ranas were all based on.”

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