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dow ns Ups and Mountain on the Mount Panorama has given Chaz Mostert the highest highs and the lowest lows of his career. He’s won the Bathurst 1000 and the 6 Hour, never yet the 12 but Hour. He was well placed exactly that last to do year, but that race turned be one of the ‘lows’ out to he’s experienced at Bathurst. Story: A Phil Branagan mountain Images: BMW Media; Clay Cross Made on the s he sat in the Ford Performance Racing Falcon, Chaz Mostert may have been thinking about the ups and downs of racing cars at Mount Panorama. Just 12 months earlier Mostert and Bathurst stalwart Paul Morris had taken a seemingly impossible win in the 1000. After the car started from the last row of the grid, Mostert drove through the field and took the lead for the first time when he was more than half-wa y around the 161st and last lap. And now here he was, looking the wrong way – uphill – at the Esses, in the smoking wreck of a Pepsi Max Falcon FGX V8 Supercar, having ridden high over a concrete wall and nearly wiping out a flag marshal’s post before crashing back to earth and grinding to halt. He was in a daze, and the pain in his leg told him that he would definitely not be racing this weekend. That was 2015 and there have been plenty of ups and downs since then – if not as ‘up’ and ‘down’. “It is the toughest place we race,” Mostert says frankly. “Every time you sit on the startline, you don’t know how the day is going to unfold. You can be sitting on pole position looking ahead, with no one in front of you, but you have to have in your head that there is a guy in 25th or 26th who can win the race. “You can’t write a book for that place. Kangaroos on the track, wheels flying off cars, weather; anything can happen.” For all the highest of highs and the lowest of lows that Mostert has experienced at the Mountain, his enthusiasm for the place remains undiminished. “It’s such a special place, even when you don’t have a great day there. Just to be able to race there, to be able to say that you have competed at that track, is special in its own way. “At the end of the career, you look back and one of things you count up would be how many Bathurst races you competed in. That will be cool.” In the Bathurst 12 Hour, Mostert is yet to register a victory. For the last two years he has marked himself as the man to catch, streaking away from the field early on in BMW M6 GTR. Last year in qualifying in the Schnitzer entry, he bested GT racing’s M career att Campbell’s Bathurst auspicious hardly got off to an start. short of In 2014, a few days he was part his 19th birthday, Hours with attack on the 12 of the works Fiat to Sure, it’s always nice their little Abarths. virtually – but his car was have a works drive out for then was wheeled mothballed all day, of the princely distance the flag having covered in class, still classified third 10 laps. They were of an that way was more but to go about it an achievement. embarrassment than of in 2015. Now part But it was different IMAK team, Campbell Andrew Macpherson’s in 911GT3R around stormed the Porsche It was good enough 2m04.6446s in qualifying. and in a high-class field, for 12th on the grid Porsche’s faster than one of was comfortably twice Hall Cross Andrew started in the career really got flourishing international young driver Matt Campbell’s for the conventional the Rather than opt series, or to chase Bathurst 12 Hour. local Supercars instead to break into the Campbell route of trying or America, stardom in Europe making a name for dream of openwheeler as a means of on sports car racing effect. to great has concentrated Queenslander has done the young himself – which Clay Cross; Paul Porsche Media; Images: David Greenhalgh Story: 12 Hour 2019 25 the clock A Race around 12 Hour | 2019 Mount Panorama $9.99 NZ$11.99 12 Hour | 2019 Mount Panorama the clock A Race around 24 2019 Mount Panorama 12 Hou r | A Race a round the c lock 19 The Drivers, The Marques, The Mountain Australia’s Race around the clock Mount Panorama 12 HOUR is a new magazine dedicated to what is fast becoming one of the world’s premier sports car races, the Bathurst 12 Hour, where the world’s best sports car teams and drivers venture downunder to take on the unique challenge of 12 hours around the daunting Mount Panorama circuit. Available at all good newsagents or order online anytime. Dream team Matt Campbell Chaz Mostert Triple Eight trio tackle 12hr together Taking the GT route to stardom The highs and lows of Bathurst 12HOUR_Cover.indd 1 11/29/18 11:25 AM

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