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AMC: The ’81 Bathurst crash wasn’t only dam­ag­ing to your car and nances, was it?

BM: No, I dam­aged one in­ner ear, so my in­ner ears are no longer aligned. That leads to mo­tion sick­ness and bad mi­graines. Bathurst was par­tic­u­larly tough be­cause of the cir­cuit’s el­e­va­tion changes and sweeps. The shorter races weren’t a prob­lem.

AMC: In­deed, you won at Oran Park in ’84, your last ever ATCC race, which is no­table in it­self…

BM: We won four or ve races at Ama­roo that year. And I won the only tour­ing car cham­pi­onship race I did that year, at Oran Park in the State Bank-spon­sored RX7. Then the guy who owned the car had it re­pos­sessed.

AMC: How old were you when you hung up the hel­met?

BM: 35.

AMC: Did you feel you had un nished business?

BM: No, I didn’t feel I had un nished business. I had achieved the two things I had set out to achieve; a Bathurst win and an ATCC, so I didn’t have any re­grets. Peter (Brock) said to me, only a cou­ple of years be­fore he died, that he ad­mired the way that I stopped and walked away from racing. He could never do that. He couldn’t give it away. I must ad­mit to hav­ing with­drawal symp­toms for a cou­ple of years af­ter I stopped, be­cause you keep watch­ing the racing and you think, I can drive rings around this guy or that guy. I made a con­scious de­ci­sion I was go­ing to re­tire on top; I won my last ever ATCC race. I had some good of­fers to go back – for lots of money – but I’d made my de­ci­sion to re­tire.

AMC: What do you con­sider your great­est achieve­ment?

BM: Win­ning the ’79 ATCC was a big achieve­ment, as it was over a se­ries of races rather than a one-off lucky uke. We raced the fac­tory with their best car, best driver and best tyres. They had Bridge­stone tyres spe­cially made for each cir­cuit, where as we had over-the-counter Dun­lop tyres. And we beat them.

Vic­tory in his last ATCC drive at Oran Park, 1984 in this Mazda RX7 was a fit­ting end to a bril­liant ca­reer.

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