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Back in AMC #114 we pub­lished a rather ran­dom photo in the ‘Seldo on Sun­day’ Mus­cle Man fea­ture on David Sel­don. As re­called in the yarn, Sel­don had con­sid­er­able suc­cess punt­ing Wel­sor Club­mans in 1972‘73. How­ever, that was less so with the Wag­gott-en­gined and Wel­sor-built Dat­sun 1000 sports sedan of the fol­low­ing year, which ex­plains the rst two words on the teeshirts of our mod­els in the photo.

The ‘mod­els’ were (left to right) Nev Win­ley and Bob Mills, who helped out Colin Wear build­ing and main­tain­ing the var­i­ous Wel­sors in cir­cu­la­tion. The strik­ing blonde is Mar­garet Lan­der, then wife of racer Peter Lan­der (in the natty cap, stand­ing be­hind). Like Sel­don, Peter Lan­der was a Wel­sor Club­man racer and pretty quick with it. He made seven Bathurst 1000 starts be­tween 1973 and 1982 all in small­fry class cars, win­ning his class twice in Mi­nis (‘74 and ‘75) and see­ing out his days (un­suc­cess­fully) with Chris Heyer in his VW Golf and Audi 5+5. What about the Mother Tucker Restau­rant? Let Sel­don, who had never seen the photo be­fore, take up the story:

“Nev (Win­ley) was Ian Kier­nan’s (of Clean Up Aus­tralia fame) man­ager and friend of Col Wear, my­self and Peter. Ian Kier­nan (who passed away in 2018) was a big prop­erty de­vel­oper around the Wool­loomooloo area and also had a restau­rant up near the (Kings) Cross called Mother Tucker’s, and gave us some spon­sor­ship, hence the T-shirts.” Wel­sor Wag­gott Mother Tucker Restau­rant. It’s quite a mouth­ful, isn’t it?

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