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Idon’t think I’ve been so happy to be wrong for ages. Re­mem­ber not long ago I said there would never be a model of the Group C Nis­san Blue­bird? Well, Au­then­tic Col­lectibles just had to go and make me wrong! And well done them. Plans are afoot for a 1:18 scale resin-bod­ied replica of the turbo ter­ror. The only one an­nounced so far is the 1984 Bathurst pole po­si­tion win­ner. Ge­orge Fury’s 2m13.85s lap is still spo­ken of by us old farts. Watch­ing from the pits the lap looked very quick. We didn’t have sec­tor tim­ing loops and stuff back then; you just had to know when a lap looked the goods. Ge­orge was smooth and fast and the weather prob­a­bly helped a bit – it was vi­ciously, bit­ingly cold that morn­ing. Ge­orge whis­tled across the line at the end of the lap and there was a sec­ond or so of si­lence. When Bernie King an­nounced the time, the pits erupted.

It was a magic mo­ment and all who were there re­mem­ber it well (and for all we re­mem­ber that last year of Group C as the last of the Bog

Bangers, the record books show that the fastest car in ’84 was not a 5.7-litre Cleve­land V8pow­ered Fal­con or a 5.0-litre V8 Com­modore VK, but rather a 1.8-litre tur­bocharged Ja­panese car).

Tool­ing up for it will be an ex­pen­sive ex­er­cise, and Au­then­tic will need some surety be­fore they can go ahead, so if you can, get over to their web­site and put down a de­posit. Price will be $230 for the model.­then­tic­col­ for or­der­ing in­for­ma­tion. They of­fer af­ter­pay as an op­tion, too. Hmmm – might have to sneak one in the back way so the wife doesn’t see it.

Speak­ing of Au­then­tic Col­lectibles, they’ve got the 2018 Ere­bus retro-liv­ery cars down as fu­ture re­leases. These were, you might

Lastly, the pod­cast is the lat­est it­er­a­tion of cit­i­zen jour­nal­ism. And Aus­tralia’s model car scene is not to be left out. The V8 Sleuth’s Aaron Noo­nan and Dmi­tiri Comino from Mo­tor­fo­cus have teamed up to bring you an all new pod­cast! Tune in to hear all about new re­leases, mod­els just landed, model dis­cus­sion, spe­cial guests and Q&A ses­sions. Each episode will be up fort­nightly on a Thurs­day. We hope you lis­ten in, and send any ques­tions you would like an­swered. Have a lis­ten at­tor­fo­­cast/

Holden HG Monaro Street Ma­chine

Some peo­ple like to spend lots of time and ef­fort mod­i­fy­ing their model cars. If you’d re­ally like a hot­ted-up die-cast Monaro but lack the time (and amaz­ing skills) to do it, this might be your nextbest thing. As with Biante’s ear­lier HK and HT Monaro Street Ma­chines, the HG also in­cludes a su­per­charged V8 en­gine, quick shifter, gauges, cus­tomised num­ber plates, larger retro wheels and tyres, mod­ern big brakes, re­vised ex­haust sys­tem and cus­tom sus­pen­sion. This com­bi­na­tion of fea­tures to­gether with the low ride height gives this street ma­chine an im­pres­sive and in­tim­i­dat­ing stance. It’s painted a nice satin chrome that gives it a bare-metal look – cer­tainly it’s eye-catch­ing. Like the Rally Red car, it’s due out later this year. It’s got open­ing parts and will re­tail for $270. Check it out at

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