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Ev­ery rep makes up a set, ev­ery set makes up an ex­er­cise and ev­ery ex­er­cise makes up a work­out. Sounds sim­ple right? Well, it is but it is easy to over­look the re­ally im­por­tant as­pect of the equa­tion, and that is mak­ing sure “Ev­ery” rep counts. In an ef­fort to get our work­out done and dusted its of­ten easy to just hit the gym and go through the mo­tions. Get­ting sloppy with your form, swing­ing the weights in­stead of us­ing your mus­cles to lift them and fo­cus­ing purely on how much you lift rather than how you lift it! The foun­da­tion of a pro­duc­tive body­build­ing work­out is the art of mak­ing ev­ery rep count. Putting your mind into the mus­cle, feel­ing the mus­cle as you lift the weight and pay­ing at­ten­tion to the time your mus­cle is un­der ten­sion. In gen­eral most gym go­ers will get far bet­ter re­sults by re­duc­ing their weights by 25% and fo­cus­ing on rep tim­ing. In gen­eral 2 sec­onds for the first stage of the move­ment, with a one sec­ond squeeze at the mid point fol­lowed by a 3 sec­ond de­cent. To­tal time to per­form one rep is five sec­onds. This is what is ref­ered to as (TUT) Time Un­der Ten­sion and this is the essence of or the work ethic of each repetion you per­form.

The next time you are in the gym take a few steps back. Re­duce your weights, ap­ply more­ore fo­cus to each rep and make ev­ery rep count. I am con­fi­dent­fid t ththatt ththe re­sults lt you will wit­ness in the fol­low­ing weeks will be quite as­tound­ing. The rea­son why... Be­cause you are now pay­ing at­ten­tion to the most im­por­tant el­e­ment of your work­out - Reps, and mak­ing each and ev­ery one of them count.

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