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Hot Pep­pers

Chili pep­pers sure do have a kick! And it’s a com­pound called “cap­saicin” that ac­tu­ally gives them their zip and heats up the body in­ter­nally to help you burn off those ex­cess calo­ries. So if you want to melt ex­tra fat away, food ex­perts rec­om­mend adding freshly chopped, dry, pep­per spices like cayenne and red chilies, and hot sauces to your soups, sauces, and rice dishes.

Green Tea

Drink­ing green tea is of­ten cred­ited for help­ing people lose weight thanks to a com­pound within called EGCG, which tem­po­rar­ily speeds me­tab­o­lism. So brew a pot and sip it hot or put it in the fridge for a cold glass of slim­ming, green iced tea!


There’s good rea­son why so many di­ets en­cour­age folks to eat grape­fruit on their list of con­sum­able foods—just a half of the juicy fruit helps dis­solve fat and choles­terol and fights ar­te­rioscle­ro­sis (hard­en­ing of the ar­ter­ies). A medium-sized grape­fruit only con­tains 74 calo­ries; while pro­vid­ing 15 grams of pectin fiber, loads of vi­ta­min C and potas­sium, and ab­so­lutely zero fat and sodium.

Lean Turkey or Chicken

Lean protein has a high ther­mo­genic ef­fect, which means it will con­tinue to burn calo­ries dur­ing di­ges­tion. Mix that bonus with the lean good­ness of a 300­calo­rie chicken or turkey breast and you will win as far as calo­ries con­sumed vs. calo­ries burned!

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