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Sea­weeds or marine al­gae are rich in vi­ta­mins such as Vi­ta­min C, min­er­als in­clud­ing potas­sium, and nu­tri­ents that are im­por­tant for most of the body’s bio­chem­i­cal re­ac­tions. Re­searchers from Ala­gappa Univer­sity, (In­dia) re­port that Ge­li­diella acerosa (red seaweed) and Sar­gas­sum wightii (brown seaweed) are also abun­dant sources of amino acids va­line, me­thio­n­ine, and ly­sine; as well as the fatty acid linoleic acid. The study au­thors sub­mit that: “The re­sults sug­gest that both the sea­weeds have greater nu­tri­tional value and could be used as ex­cel­lent nu­tri­tional sup­ple­ments.” Ref­er­ence: Bio­med­i­cine & Pre­ven­tive Nu­tri­tion, 20 May 2013.

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