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Look­ing to change up your back rou­tine a lit­tle, try this quick Smith ma­chine back blast. 1. Smith Ma­chine Pull ups: Th­ese are per­formed by low­er­ing the bar to a point where you can stretch out at arm’s length while hang­ing un­der­neath the bar. Ba­si­cally you are per­form­ing a kind of hor­i­zon­tal pull up by bring­ing your chest to touch the bot­tom of the bar. Th­ese may seem quite easy but after do­ing the bar­bell smith ma­chine and the one arm smith rows your lats will be on fire. The im­por­tant thing to re­mem­ber with the smith pull ups is to try and pause for a count of 2 seconds as your chest touches the bar as this will en­able peak con­trac­tion. Then lower your­self in a con­trolled fash­ion back to the arms stretched po­si­tion un­der the bar. Com­plete 3 sets of 12-15 reps for the smith ma­chine pull ups, once they be­come easy try plac­ing your feet on a bench. 2. One arm smith ma­chine rows: Th­ese are per­formed in the same fash­ion as one arm dumbbell rows by plac­ing a flat bench in line with the bar on the smith ma­chine so you can kneel on the bench. Add enough weight so you can per­form 3 sets of 10-12 reps in a de­lib­er­ate man­ner with you back at a 45 de­gree an­gle to the floor. Im­me­di­ately change to the other side and com­plete a set with the op­po­site arm. No rest be­tween sets as one side is rest­ing while the other is work­ing. “This work­out throws a whole new set of stres­sors on your mus­cles, and if you’re in a rut, this is a great way to shock your body into a new growth spurt.”



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