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We all go to the gym with one mu­tual goal in mind - to get re­sults! Whether you may be look­ing to add some qual­ity mus­cle to your frame or drop a few ki­los of body­fat the num­ber one goal in mind is -RE­SULTS! When we don’t get re­sults from the time we spend it be­comes frus­trat­ing. When fel­low gym go­ers see oth­ers around them get­ting leaner or gain­ing more lean mus­cle mass they of­ten scratch their head and won­der why is this per­son get­ting re­sults when they are not. On of the big­gest prob­lems I see with most gym go­ers th­ese days is the to­tal lack of work ethic. They mis­take just “go­ing” to the gym and “go­ing” through the mo­tions as work! Or their to­tal lack of ex­er­cise tech­nique com­bined with sloppy form is mis­taken for a pro­duc­tive work­out. Most folk mis­take time spent in the gym for ap­plied ef­fort. Let me pro­vide a sim­ple ex­am­ple. Th­ese days I spend a good part of my day sat be­hind my desk work­ing on my com­puter. Now, I could just sit there mov­ing my mouse around the screen in a ran­dom non­sen­si­cle fash­ion for 8 hours. Ob­vi­ously this would not be pro­duc­tive other than to cre­ate some­thing vis­ually ap­peal­ing to my cat! Al­ter­na­tively I could spend 60 min­utes us­ing that mouse like a pre­ci­sion in­stru­ment to con­trol ad­vanced soft­ware to cre­ate graph­ics, videos or web­sites. This is just a quick anol­ogy of work ethic and how time spent has lit­tle to do with real-world re­sults. Let’s get back to the gym talk. The golden rule is when you en­ter the gym you go there to “WORK” hence why its called a [work]out! There is no time for rest­ing, sit­ting, star­ring at the TV’s in the gym, up­dat­ing face­book, tex­ting friends or gen­er­ally twid­dling with your iphone. All of this eats up your work ethic and will keep you on a path of ZERO re­sults for the rest of your life. The quick so­lu­tion to up­ping your work ethic. Keep you phone in your gym bag. Cut your rest pe­ri­ods be­tween sets, if any­thing im­ple­ment su­per sets or even a cir­cuit. Stop chat­ting be­tween sets. Stop gaz­ing at the Cricket or Foot­ball on the gym TV mon­i­tors (You can do that at home). Check your tech­nique, are you re­ally feel­ing the ex­er­cise or just swing­ing weights and ma­chines in a crazy fash­ion? One more for the road. Stop the 5 min­utes tur­tle walks to the drink foun­tain at the other end of the gym. Get your­self a drink bot­tle to carry around with you. No, you can’t count walk­ing to the foun­tain as car­dio! Fi­nally you should be able to fit more ap­plied ef­fort into 30­45 min­utes if you re­ally get stuck in and push your­self hard. Re­mem­ber re­sults will not mag­i­cally ap­pear just be­cause you spend more time in the gym. You have to have a clear un­der­stand­ing of “Work Ethic”. Then and only then will you get the re­sults you truly de­serve.

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