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If you are in­volved in the world of com­pet­i­tive body­build­ing & fit­ness events you will have no doubt heard the word “Fed­er­a­tion” come up in con­ver­sa­tion. “What Fed­er­a­tion do you be­long to or com­pete in” is of­ten heard when the topic of Body­build­ing and Fit­ness events come up. In most in­stances its used rather frivolously with no real un­der­stand­ing of what the word “Fed­er­a­tion” ac­tu­ally means or stands for! Let me first pro­vide the true mean­ing of the word “Fed­er­a­tion” ac­cord­ing to Wikipedia. A fed­er­a­tion (from Latin: foe­dus, gen.: foed­eris, “covenant”), also known as a fed­eral state, is a po­lit­i­cal en­tity char­ac­ter­ized by a union of par­tially self-gov­ern­ing states or re­gions un­der a cen­tral (fed­eral) gov­ern­ment. Ok, no­tice I high­lighted the key words Po­lit­i­cal En­tity and I did this for a rea­son. Body­builders and Fit­ness ath­letes are sup­pos­edly com­pet­ing in events judged “Purely” on merit, or the level of physique devel­op­ment, con­di­tion­ing and over­all pre­sen­ta­tion that the ath­letes brings to the stage on THAT given day. Based on the above is the word “Fed­er­a­tion” fit­ting for Body­build­ing and Fit­ness Com­pe­ti­tions? Pol­i­tics cer­tainly have NO place when it comes to “judg­ing” a Body­build­ing or Fit­ness event. It should be judged purely on merit alone. Its com­mon knowl­edge.... Many of the so called “Fed­er­a­tions” in Body­build­ing and Fit­ness are quite open about their events re­ward­ing “Loy­alty”. In­ter­est­ing, and proof that “Pol­i­tics” are com­ing into the equa­tion. In some in­stances cer­tain “Fed­er­a­tions” have what they call “Pre­ferred Train­ers”. Now what does that mean? Does it mean “IF” you are “Not” be­ing trained by a pre­ferred trainer you will not be looked upon in the same light by the judges? In all hon­esty the whole pre­ferred trainer thing does not sit well. It should be to­tally ir­rel­e­vant and not even be present in any shape or form as it should not mat­ter who you are trained by. You could train your­self at home, or in the park, or in your mates garage... Who cares? What mat­ters is how you look on the day of the show - One word -MERIT! A mes­sage to train­ers pre­par­ing ath­letes for shows. Do you want your ath­letes to win based on merit or be­cause you are a pre­ferred trainer? How you an­swer this ques­tion is clear judge­ment of your train­ing skills and the ex­per­tise you have when it comes to pre­par­ing ath­letes for the stage. Jump­ing back to an­other word used in com­bi­na­tion with the word fed­er­a­tion - This be­ing “Loy­alty”. The big ques­tion that needs to be an­swered is... What are th­ese so called “Fed­er­a­tions” do­ing to de­serve “Loy­alty” from com­peti­tors? In most in­stances the an­swer is “Zippo” a big noth­ing. Com­peti­tors are in fact pay­ing cus­tomers, they pay an en­try and a membership fee to com­pete. You would hope that th­ese fees in­clude be­ing judged on “Merit” and not by “pol­i­tics” or how Loyal the com­peti­tor has been! Are th­ese Fed­er­a­tions in­vest­ing any­thing back into the growth of the sport or are they pro­vid­ing any “funded” travel op­por­tu­ni­ties or fur­ther op­por­tu­ni­ties to gain me­dia ex­po­sure? From my ob­ser­va­tions the an­swer is no. Where do the membership fees go? Is it be­ing used to as­sist ath­letes with travel and ac­com­mo­da­tion? What hap­pens af­ter the show, is there any on­go­ing pro­mo­tion of ath­letes? Time and time again I see ath­letes win shows only hav­ing to run a “Fund Raiser” on so­cial me­dia to scrape some pen­nies to­gether to com­pete in their so called Fed­er­a­tion’s World Ti­tles! The point of this mes­sage is to stress the term Fed­er­a­tion, Or­ga­ni­za­tion, As­so­ci­a­tion mean very lit­tle in the Com­pet­i­tive Body­build­ing and Fit­ness world. Es­pe­cially when pol­i­tics and favouritism fall into play. Com­pe­ti­tions should be judged solely on “Merit” alone, not Loy­alty. It should not mat­ter where you train, who your trainer is or who you know. All com­peti­tors should feel con­fi­dent and se­cure in the fact that when they step on stage they will win for all the right rea­sons. Loy­alty is some­thing that has to be earned by the event pro­moter, based on the qual­ity of the show, the op­por­tu­ni­ties up for grabs and the on­go­ing sup­port of ath­letes. As an ex com­peti­tor my­self and an event pro­moter for the Asia Pa­cific In­ter­na­tional and Mus­cle­ma­nia Australia I wel­come ALL nat­u­ral com­peti­tors to our events. I don’t care who your trainer is, or where you train, you will be judged purely on Merit and each an ev­ery com­peti­tor will be in the run­ning to re­ceive funded travel and ac­com­mo­da­tion to com­pete in Las Ve­gas, along with the chance to ap­pear as a Cover Model or fea­ture in our mag­a­zine. We are now in the year 2015, we are not back in the 80’s. It’s time to drop the them against us mind set and look at the big­ger pic­ture. Com­pe­ti­tions have changed, there is no room for dic­tat­ing and pol­i­tics. The fo­cus should be on pro­vid­ing com­peti­tors with top qual­ity shows, solid judg­ing and op­por­tu­ni­ties for ath­letes to fur­ther their ca­reers. Op­por­tu­ni­ties like this are what in­spire fu­ture com­peti­tors, which ben­e­fit the in­dus­try on a whole.

Yours in health and fit­ness


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