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With the grow­ing emer­gence of so­cial me­dia its com­mon place to see the term “haters” when brows­ing through news feeds or instagram pic­tures. The ques­tion is do haters re­ally ex­ist and can they cause harm? First we need to de­ter­mine what a hater re­ally is. I guess thats fairly sim­ple, some­one that does not like some­thing, or some­one for no par­tic­u­lar rea­son other than they hate it! Kind of a weird mind-set but who said the world was de­void of weird peo­ple! So yes, th­ese so called haters do ex­ist in some shape or form but ONLY if you let them. The fact is folk with neg­a­tive mind sets (haters if you like) are gen­er­ally very trou­bled types. Their com­ments, posts or rants are usu­ally a cry for at­ten­tion. Yes, its sad some folk would sooner get at­ten­tion for be­ing a bad per­son than a good one! Weird right? But very true. So how do we deal with th­ese haters? The eas­i­est so­lu­tion is to take the word out of your vo­cab­u­lary. Delete it. Sim­ply don’t rec­og­nize the term be­cause most with this mind set are fish­ing for a bite. When you or any­one else re­sponds to a post or com­ment it fu­els their fire. Gen­er­ally th­ese trolls as they are called in the in­ter­net world live a very shel­tered life, have di­min­ished so­cial skills and are of­ten re­ferred to as key­board war­riors. In my mind I ac­tu­ally feel sorry for them be­cause they are tor­tured by their own neg­a­tiv­ity. In fact one of the worst things any­one can do on so­cial me­dia is keep post­ing quotes about haters. By do­ing this you are putting a tar­get on your back for the haters. You have ad­mit­ted that you are vul­ner­a­ble to their com­ments. Why bother. If you are a pos­i­tive, con­fi­dent per­son the term “haters” has no place in your world. Elim­i­nate the term and you elim­i­nate them from your mind. Full ststop.

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