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Arisk fac­tor for di­a­betes and heart dis­ease, Meta­bolic Syn­drome is a con­di­tion in­volv­ing a large waist­line, high triglyc­erides level, low HDL choles­terol level, high blood pres­sure, and high fast­ing blood sugar. April J. Stull, from Louisiana State Univer­sity (Louisiana, USA), and col­leagues en­rolled 44 adults with Meta­bolic syn­drome, in a six-week long study in which par­tic­i­pants were ran­domly as­signed to re­ceive ei­ther two blue­berry smooth­ies (each con­tain­ing 45 g of freeze-drive blue­berry pow­der pro­vid­ing 1547 mg of to­tal polyphe­nol bioac­tives) per day, or a smoothie with­out blue­berry pow­der (placebo). Among the sub­jects con­sum­ing the blue­berry smooth­ies, the re­searchers ob­served a sig­nif­i­cant im­prove­ment in en­dothe­lial func­tion, but no change in blood pres­sure or in­sulin sen­si­tiv­ity. The study au­thors re­port that: “Even af­ter ad­just­ing for con­found­ing fac­tors, i.e., the per­cent body fat and gen­der, the blue­berry group still had a greater im­prove­ment in en­dothe­lial func­tion when com­pared to their coun­ter­part.” Ref­er­ence April J. Stull, Kather­ine C. Cash, Cather­ine M. Cham­pagne, Alok K. Gupta, Ray­mond Bos­ton, Rob­bie A. Beyl, Wil­liam D. John­son, Wil­liam T. Ce­falu “Blue­ber­ries Im­prove En­dothe­lial Func­tion, but Not Blood Pres­sure, in Adults with Meta­bolic Syn­drome: A Ran­dom­ized, Dou­ble­Blind, Placebo­Con­trolled Clin­i­cal Trial.” Nu­tri­ents 2015, 7(6), 4107­4123; 27 May 2015.

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