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If you’re al­ready pretty ripped, car­dio train­ing will make you even more shred­ded. And what goes for car­dio train­ing is also true for strength train­ing, sports sci­en­tists at East Car­olina Univer­sity dis­cov­ered. Not ev­ery­one has got the mes­sage yet, but strength train­ing is a highly ef­fec­tive way of los­ing fat. In the long term, be­cause ev­ery kilo of mus­cle mass that you build up raises your ba­sic fat burn­ing rate, but in the short term too. Im­me­di­ately af­ter a heavy strength work­out you burn sky-high amounts of joules, be­cause your body eats up en­ergy as it re­cov­ers. The re­searchers wanted to know whether your post-train­ing peak in en­ergy burn­ing is af­fected by how much body fat you have. So they did an ex­per­i­ment with 10 men whose body fat per­cent­age was 14 per­cent, and 10 men whose fat per­cent­age was 38 per­cent. Both groups did chest-press, lat pull-down, leg-press, shoul­der-press, leg-ex­ten­sion and leg-curl ex­er­cises. Im­me­di­ately af­ter the work­out, both fat and thin sub­jects burned the same amount of fat per kg/lean body mass, the re­searchers ob­served. But when the re­searchers ex­am­ined the sub­cu­ta­neous fat of their sub­jects af­ter train­ing, they no­ticed that the thin men’s fat cells re­leased more glyc­erol. Fats con­sist of fatty acids at­tached to glyc­erol. The more fat the body burns, the more glyc­erol you find in the blood­stream. Af­ter strength train­ing thin peo­ple burn fatty acids from their sub­cu­ta­neous fat. Fat peo­ple get the fatty acids from else­where – prob­a­bly their mus­cle tis­sue, is our guess. The re­searchers found no dif­fer­ence be­tween the con­cen­tra­tions of adrenalin and nor-adrenalin in the test sub­jects. These are the hor­mones that in­duce fat cells to re­lease their con­tents into the blood­stream. So adrenalin and no­ra­drenalin do not play a role in the dif­fer­ent ways in which fat tis­sue in fat and thin peo­ple re­acts to strength train­ing. Growth hor­mone does, how­ever. The higher growth hor­mone peak in thin peo­ple is what causes the dif­fer­ence, the re­searchers sus­pect. Makes sense, there are dif­fer­ent lay­ers of fat in the body. The fat­ter you get the more in­tra­mus­cu­lar fat you gain. This is why when it comes time to get shred­ded for a com­pe­ti­tion the ath­letes that stay leaner in the off sea­son will al­ways have deeper stri­a­tions as they have etched away that in­tra­mus­cu­lar fat ear­lier in the process. Also HGH lev­els are al­ways much higher in a per­son that has a lower body fat per­cent­age be­cause high fat lev­els tend to di­min­ish HGH out­put. Yet an­other rea­son to stay lean year round and fo­cus on gain­ing qual­ity mus­cle, not fat! Ref­er­ence: J Appl Phys­iol. 2009 May; 106(5): 1529-37. Nat­u­ral Bodz Pro League

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