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This is a re­ally in­ter­est­ing and dis­turb­ing study on why some fe­male ath­letes end up tak­ing an­abolic steroids. Most fe­male body­builders who use an­abolic steroids or clen­buterol have been per­suaded to do so by their part­ners, write re­searchers from the Swedish Karolin­ska In­sti­tutet in Sub­stance Abuse Treat­ment, Pre­ven­tion and Pol­icy. Study The women who the Swedes in­ter­viewed were all part of a group of fifty women users, who had con­tacted the Swedish Anti-Dop­ing Hot-Line. Of this group, eight wanted to kick the habit – and these are the women who took part in the study. Re­sults Five of the eight women used an­abolic steroids such as nan­drolone, methenolone and stanozolol; five women used ephedrine and four used clen­buterol. The doses of the steroids the women used were lower than the doses that men gen­er­ally use. The mo­tives of the women for us­ing steroids were in­ter­est­ing. Five women said they had been per­suaded to do so by their male part­ners, all of whom also used steroids. One even said that her part­ner had forced her to take dop­ing sub­stances. Fi­nally, one other woman said that had fa­ther had given her clen­buterol se­cretly, with­out her knowl­edge.Only two women said that they had de­cided them­selves to use phar­ma­co­log­i­cal sub­stances. The women re­ported side ef­fects in­clud­ing an in­crease in body hair, loss of head hair, voice deep­en­ing, en­large­ment of the cli­toris, heart pal­pi­ta­tions and de­pres­sions. End Note The big ques­tion is why would any male part­ner con­vince their girl­friend/wife to start tak­ing roids? Po­ten­tially in­sti­gat­ing a host of ir­re­versible side ef­fects and turn­ing their part­ner into a man! Source: Subst Abuse Treat Prev Pol­icy. 2016 Mar 5;11(1):11.

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