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Thy­lakoids re­in­force the body’s pro­duc­tion of sati­ety hor­mones and sup­presses food crav­ings. Many peo­ple ex­pe­ri­ence crav­ings for un­healthy foods such as sweets or fast food, and ac­qui­esc­ing to them can lead to un­healthy eat­ing habits and obe­sity. Char­lotte Er­lan­son­Al­berts­son, from Lund Univer­sity (Swe­den), and col­leagues en­rolled 38 over­weight women in a three­month long study in which ev­ery morn­ing be­fore break­fast the par­tic­i­pants con­sumed a green drink. Half of the women were given 5 grams of spinach ex­tract con­tain­ing thy­lakoids (green leaf mem­branes); the other half (the con­trol group) re­ceived a placebo. All sub­jects ate a bal­anced diet in­clud­ing three meals a day. Whereas the con­trol group lost an av­er­age of 3.5 kg, the group that con­sumed the thy­lakoids-con­tain­ing bev­er­age lost 5 kg. The thy­lakoid group also found that it was eas­ier to stick to three meals a day – and they did not ex­pe­ri­ence crav­ings. The study au­thors ob­serve that: “ad­di­tion of green-plant mem­branes as a di­etary sup­ple­ment once daily in­duces weight loss, im­proves obe­sity-re­lated risk-fac­tors, and re­duces the urge for palat­able food.”

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