INSTAMUSCLE 5 FUN­DA­MEN­TALS to a more shred­ded aes­thetic physique

the BIG ques­tion... are there any se­crets at all or are the an­swers right in front of our eyes?

Australian Natural Bodz - - Unleash Your True Potential - by STEVE JONES

Instamuscle! Nice ti­tle right, I thought it was quite fit­ting for this ar­ti­cle be­cause ev­ery­thing seems to be “In­sta” th­ese days and every­one is look­ing for the “Se­crets” to suc­cess. The BIG ques­tion, are there any se­crets at all or are they right in front of our eyes but we choose to ig­nore them be­cause we have fallen vic­tim to the “Herd” or “Sheep” men­tal­ity. Surely every­one can’t be wrong! I am not go­ing tell you any porky pies, build­ing or sculpt­ing a re­mark­able physique is cer­tainly no easy task, but you can cer­tainly speed up the process if you arm your­self with the “Fun­da­men­tals”, or the ba­sics of physique cre­ation. It amazes me how many peo­ple in this in­dus­try get side tracked into be­liev­ing some weird and won­der­ful the­ory or trend spread on so­cial me­dia or read from some text book. But science can’t be wrong! Well, his­tory has proven that many of the so called health au­thor­i­ties were dish­ing out dodgy in­for­ma­tion for years. I can re­mem­ber some so called ex­perts back in the 90’s pitch­ing to me that carbs can’t be con­verted to body­fat! Re­mem­ber when the WHO ( World Health Or­ga­ni­za­tion) ad­vised us all to eat 7­8 serv­ings of grains per day ( Bread, rice, pasta, ce­re­als). Yes, they fat­tened every­one up with the text book ad­vice! Any­how, I could go on for hours on that topic alone but what I am try­ing to con­vey is science is not al­ways right. There is no sub­sti­tute for years of ex­pe­ri­ence and trial and er­ror, and I am not say­ing by any means I know ev­ery­thing... I leave that up to every­one else. But what I can of­fer and will share with you in this short ar­ti­cle is some of the wis­dom I have gained through­out my 30+ years in the in­dus­try. I am go­ing to share five se­crets or I like to call them “Key Fun­da­men­tals” in this ar­ti­cle be­cause I cur­rently have my book in the works which is a work in progress as there is so much in­for­ma­tion I want to share so that I can at least save a few peo­ple years of wasted time and ef­fort both in and out of the gym. So lets get the ball rolling with my first se­cret to achiev­ing a shred­ded and aes­thetic physique. Note th­ese points are relavent to both sexes, young and old, be­gin­ner or sea­soned vet­eran.

1. Eat Clean - Stay Lean

For­get the bulk­ing up deal. There is not one ounce of proof that it will help with your ef­forts to build a truly aes­thetic physique. In fact it will most cer­tainly work against you, and let me ex­plain why it will do so. First and fore­most, adding fat to your body will throw out your hor­mone bal­ance. The more body­fat you have around your mid sec­tion the more es­tro­gen your body will pro­duce. Yes, belly fat Fatty tis­sue – par­tic­u­larly vis­ceral ab­dom­i­nal fat – con­tains an abun­dance of metabol­i­cally ac­tive fac­tors and hor­mones in­clud­ing aro­matase, an en­zyme which func­tions to con­vert Testosoterone to the fe­male sex hor­mone es­tro­gen. Men with large bel­lies con­se­quently are of­ten found to have lower Test lev­els and higher es­tro­gen lev­els, which can re­sult in “emas­cu­la­tion” with loss of sex drive, di­min­ished erec­tions, the dis­turb­ing loss of pe­nile length and the pres­ence of gy­neco­mas­tia ( man boobs)boobs). Not the ideal en­vi­ron­ment for build­ing a shred­ded or aes­thetic ph­sy­ique. The same rules ap­ply to women who al­ready have a much higher nat­u­ral level of es­tro­gen than males. You don’t want to stack the odds against you by up­set­ting your nat­u­ral hor­mone bal­ance. The only way to pre­vent this is to stay leaner all year round, within say 5kgs for fe­male and around 10 for males. Per­son­ally

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