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I find 5kgs for males is bet­ter but as guys tend to hold more wa­ter weight 10kgs suits most. So how do you stay lean year round? Sim­ple. Just mon­i­tor your carb in­take. This is where the prob­lem sits, ex­ces­sive carb/ sugar con­sump­tion is your worst en­emy. The ex­cess not only con­verts to body­fat, it also cre­ates in­flam­ma­tion through your body. In­flam­ma­tion equals joint pain, slowed re­cov­ery, in­crease risk of di­a­betes, can­cer! Let’s all keep in mind we are in this for the long run, not just for the cos­metic ben­e­fits but also the longevity. Yes in­deed you still want to look and feel great when you hit 50. Seems like a long way off, its not... be­fore you know it you will be here. So the key is to watch your carbs. Keep your diet loaded with greens and all kinds of veg­eta­bles. Get your por­tions right by cut­ting the starch and in­creas­ing the greens. En­sure you sup­ple­ment with es­sen­tial fatty acids be­cause se­cond to pro­tein this is the most im­por­tant nu­tri­tive el­e­ment. Salmon is great, a few al­monds, and I sup­ple­ment with a prod­uct called “PEOs” short for “Par­ent Es­sen­tial Oils”. Th­ese oils are the build­ing blocks for cells and hor­mones. Don’t ne­glect them be­cause they are “ES­SEN­TIAL”, as the name por­trays! Staying leaner year round will quadru­ple your mus­cle build­ing po­ten­tial, boost your nat­u­ral hor­mone lev­els, re­duce your over­all body in­flam­ma­tory mark­ers and you will look and feel bet­ter for it.

2. Train Smart!

I am con­fi­dent that every­one prob­a­bly thinks they are train­ing smart to a de­gree, but I am not just talk­ing about do­ing 3 sets of 10, or ex­er­cise form. I am talk­ing once again about the “Fun­da­men­tals” the smack bang in your face com­mon sense ba­sics. The first of th­ese is, mak­ing the gym a “no phone” zone. Pretty please, leave your phone in your gym bag be­cause the gym is a place of work not up­dat­ing so­cial me­dia. That can be done af­ter. No point in doc­u­ment­ing your­self go­ing back­wards and get­ting worst be­cause thats what you will be do­ing if your in­clude your phone in your work­outs. It’s not smart to train with your phone even if it is a smart phone. Its a dis­trac­tion from the task at hand, and at least think of other gym mem­bers who are wait­ing for equip­ment while your sat up­dat­ing your Face­book sta­tus! Not cool.

3. Don’t train like a sheep

I can hear you think­ing, what does he mean... sheep don’t train! But they do fol­low right? I see this trait all too of­ten th­ese days its the squat/ dead­lift/ bench fas­ci­na­tion. Stop it now if you want to de­velop a truly leg­endary physique. Ask your­self why am I do­ing th­ese ex­er­cises, and why am I try­ing to per­form them with out­landish weights that I re­ally can’t han­dle? The an­swer, you saw every­one do­ing it on So­cial Me­dia. Wel­come to the “Herd” men­tal­ity, and thats So­cial Me­dia’s mantra “to fol­low”. This ad­vice may up­set a few die hards who wor­ship El Squataro the God of Squat. But I am be­ing 100% hon­est here, why would I be oth­er­wise. There is noth­ing wrong with squats, IF per­formed cor­rectly. But what I am see­ing is far from cor­rect. In fact the only thing that will re­quire cor­rec­tion is some of th­ese peo­ples backs in the very near fu­ture from the hor­rific form. Nitty gritty facts, I have never been big on dead­lifts. Why? Be­cause in my opin­ion build­ing a great aes­thetic physique re­quires fi­nesse, that can only be achieved by tar­get­ted ten­sion. Its not a shot gun ap­proach which I be­lieve a dead­lift is. Once again some of the form I see in so­cial me­dia videos is spine break­ing to say the least. For what? I see bikini com­peti­tors do­ing this as well! Lift­ing a heavy bar off the ground with a short range of mo­tion, and hy­per­ex­tend­ing the spine is a recipe to shorten your fit­ness ca­reer and spread your waist quicker than peanut but­ter. DO you re­ally want a wider look­ing waist­line? I think not! Bench press, an­other ego lift that has far su­pe­rior al­ter­na­tives, namely the dumb­ell bench press or in­cline ver­sion. Far bet­ter range of move­ment, and less risk for a ma­jor pec tear. Yes the squat, dead­lift and bench press have un­for­tu­nately be­come ego lifts. Or some call them

my ad­vice... train for your spe­cific goals at hand.... don't get dis­tracted by the herd!

PB’s ) Per­sonal Bests. Fine if you are a pow­er­lifter, but if you are read­ing this I take it your goal is aes­thet­ics. And when you are stand­ing on­stage in a com­pe­ti­tion or down the beach in your swim­mers no­body cares how much you squat­ted or dead­lifted. My ad­vice train for your spe­cific goals at hand, don’t get dis­tracted by the “Herd” men­tal­ity. Train each mus­cle specif­i­cally, iso­late and tar­get, tie ev­ery­thing to­gether thats how you build aes­thet­ics. I am a big be­liever in LESS is MORE, how­ever when I say less I am not talk­ing about ef­fort, I am talk­ing about vol­ume. The con­cept of do­ing more to get more is non­sense, un­less the work is pre­cise, in­tense, and fo­cused on ap­ply­ing con­stant ten­sion on any tar­get­ted mus­cle group. Ev­ery­time you hit the gym your goal should be to cram more ef­fort, more ten­sion and more in­ten­sity into a shorter time frame! Some folk think “vol­ume” means do­ing count­less ex­er­cises and spend­ing 4 hours in the gym! I will talk fur­ther on my train­ing meth­ods and how you can cut your work­out time down by two thirds and get more gains in fu­ture ar­ti­cles and in de­tail in my up and com­ing book.

4. Don’t ig­nore the rep!

No, I am not talk­ing about the pesky rep try­ing to sell you a new pre work­out. I am talk­ing about the ones that make up each and ev­ery work­out that you per­form. Lis­ten and take note of th­ese next words “It starts and ends with a rep”. What would hap­pen if that very first rep you per­formed was flawed? Each and ev­ery rep af­ter that would be flawed, right! Com­mon sense. I find it crazy how some gym go­ers are con­stantly look­ing for a se­cret com­plex train­ing pro­gram but pro­ceed to per­form each and ev­ery rep in the worst form ever! Logic pre­vails, even with any fancy do dan­gle rou­tine if each rep is down right wrong the re­sults will be the same. Same mis­takes, equals same re­sults. So how do we per­form the per­fect rep. For staretrs, pay at­ten­tion to each and ev­ery rep. Don’t let your mind drift, don’t get sloppy by swing­ing, flick­ing, throw­ing the weights around. I like to count 2 sec­onds on the first part, 1 se­cond squeeze and 3 sec­onds down. To­tal 5 sec­onds of time un­der ten­sion. How­ever you can ex­tend the time un­der ten­sion by never com­pletely let­ting the weight rest at the bot­tom fo a move­ment. E. g in bar­bell curls al­ways main­tain­ing a slight bend in the el­bows even at the bot­tom of the move­ment. Now lets turn the tables and go back to poor rep form. If you were to just throw the weight around with a 1 se­cond up 1 se­cond down type of rock­ing move­ment how much ten­sion is on that spe­cific mus­cle group? Noth­ing. Be­cause the 2 sec­onds of ten­sion is ab­sorbed by the swing­ing mo­men­tum. Hence no ten­sion on the mus­cle equals no mus­cle growth. Full stop! This rule ap­plies to all ex­er­cises. Its an all too com­mon flaw in gyms across the world. I call it “Tak­ing the rep for granted”. I have learned through­out life, you NEVER take any­thing for granted if you re­ally want to suc­ceed.

5. DonDon’tt fall down the Rab­bit Hole!

No its not some mys­tery dark pit in the gym its the 4th di­men­sion called So­cial Me­dia. I liken it to the Ma­trix, you know the sci fi movie where you can en­ter a world and do any­thing! But its not real. This is so­cial me­dia and I see it gob­ble some peo­ple up and spit them out. I am a big be­liever in “Keepin it real”. Golden rule, if your real world does not match up to your so­cial me­dia world there is some­thing wrong. Don’t get me wrong it is a great thing and I use it, but I keep it in per­spec­tive. I have never seen so many overly qual­i­fied peo­ple in my en­tire life. How is it pos­si­ble to be a Ac­tor, Singer, Model, Dancer, Pro­ducer, Pho­tog­ra­pher, De­signer, Host, etc.... The truth is you can’t. My ad­vice, don’t paint a pic­ture your can’t paint! Be­cause re­al­ity will come back and bite. How does all of this come into play for de­vel­op­ing a shred­ded and ae­thetic physique? Be­cause it dis­tances you from re­al­ity and plays with your head. Hav­ing a clear di­rec­tion and an hon­est di­rec­tion is ev­ery­thing when it comes to suc­cess in any field, in­clud­ing fit­ness. Re­mem­ber the rea­sons you started your fit­ness jour­ney? Be­cause YOU wanted to look and feel great for YOUR health and longevity, NOT to get fake likes or fol­low­ers. As I said Its a great plat­form to con­nect and share as long as both worlds are in sync, the vir­tual and the real. Well, this is all I have got to for this ar­ti­cle. Its a short space to share my knowl­edge but there is a whole 30 years com­ing up when I launch my book that will go in­depth into train­ing, nu­tri­tion, sup­ple­men­ta­tion, con­test prep, pos­ing, win­ning mind set, and how to achieve suc­cess in the in­dus­try. A lot to write about but I have a lot to share, and its not for the faint hearted as it will be hon­est, en­ter­tain­ing and ed­u­ca­tional for all. ~ Steve Jones

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