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First off con­grat­u­la­tions on your re­cent suc­cess at the Nat­u­ral Bodz Asia Pa­cific In­ter­na­tional where you were crowned our very first Nat­u­ral Bodz Pro League Fit­ness Model Cham­pion. Can you share in your words the ex­pe­ri­ence? Com­pet­ing with Nat­u­ral Bodz Asia Pa­cific was an ab­so­lute amaz­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. Its an ab­so­lute hon­our to be crowned the very first nat­u­ral Bodz fit­ness model. Would highly rec­om­mend to any­one who is wish­ing to com­pete, to com­pete with Nat­u­ral Bodz. Who in­spired you to get in­volved in fit­ness and com­pet­ing. Were you in­volved in any other sports prior to get­ting into fit­ness events? Com­pet­ing was al­ways some­thing i wanted to do. My coach Lizzy Cas­sara was a big in­spi­ra­tion to me and de­fi­antly in­spired me to com­pete with Nat­u­ral Bodz. As a young Mum how do you fit ev­ery­thing into your busy sched­ule and do you have any ad­vice for other young Mums look­ing to get into Fit­ness com­pe­ti­tions? It’s about mak­ing time and get­ting your­self into that daily rou­tine. Some days can be tuff but when your so pas­sion­ate about some­thing you al­ways make the time for it. My Ad­vice for mums wish­ing to com­pete is get out there and give it a go, its so re­ward­ing and i feel it in­spires my young ones to live a fit and healthy life. What is your phi­los­o­phy on ex­er­cise, do you pre­fer weight train­ing over car­dio or a com­bi­na­tion of both. Ba­si­cally what works best for you? I love weight train­ing i feel that works best for my body. car­dio i do very min­i­mal. De­pend­ing on phys­i­cal goals can be ei­ther in­creased or de­creased dur­ing prep or off sea­son prep. Can you share a typ­i­cal train­ing pro­gram you would fol­low lead­ing into a com­pe­ti­tion? Days per week, sets, car­dio, weights etc? I fol­low a up­per body and lower body split, up­per body 3 x week and lower body 2 x a week. My main fo­cus was to train each mus­cle group 2/3x week, th­ese days were tra­di­tional hy­per­tro­phy ori­en­tated body build­ing train­ing fo­cus­ing on big power move­ments and com­pound lifts. Where do you feel many Fit­ness com­peti­tors go wrong when it comes to pre­par­ing for an event and how can th­ese mis­takes be avoided? A nu­tri­tional bal­anced diet. I be­lieve in hav­ing the cor­rect coach to lead you along the way and hav­ing a well bal­anced diet and train­ing pro­gram. What mus­cle groups do you feel are the most im­por­tant ar­eas to hit for girls look­ing to build a sexy, aes­thetic body? Your booty and shoul­ders. Let’s talk car­dio...Is there a spe­cific form that you feel works best? And how much is too much? High in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing. Every­body is dif­fer­ent. We based my car­dio on to­tal calo­rie ex­pen­di­ture for the week. So I al­ways had tar­gets to meet. De­pend­ing on my progress each week, my tar­gets for LISS and HIIT would be ad­justed ac­cord­ingly. The idea is that you don’t do too much too quickly and fo­cus on only do­ing car­dio at a last re­sort whilst lean­ing down. Let’s talk Nu­tri­tion.. what does a typ­i­cal days eat­ing look like for you? How many meals foods types etc? I fol­low a flex­i­ble di­et­ing ap­proach which means i had daily macro tar­gets to hit, Fats, Carbs, & Pro­teins. I filled my macros with whole nu­tri­tional foods and try and en­joy a dif­fer­ent va­ri­ety of foods on a daily ba­sis, But a typ­i­cal day of food would look some­thing like this. Meal 1: Oats with blue­ber­ries and pro­tein pow­der Meal 2: Pro­tein shake or pro­tein smoothy Meal 3: Chicken and salad or chicken and veg­gies with quinoa an brown rice Meal 4: Rice cakes with peanut but­ter and ba­nana

Meal 5: Steak, or Fish with baked or steamed veg­gies. Are you a calo­rie counter or pre­fer to go by how you look and feel? You could say the in­stinc­tive ap­proach. I mea­sure my en­ergy bal­ance for the week which means I’m al­ways a where of my calo­ries / macro nu­tri­ents for the day. How im­por­tant is tim­ing when it comes to food in­take, do you eat on a sup­ply and de­mand ba­sis de­pend­ing on your work­load for the day? I stuck to eat­ing ev­ery 3 hours but I’m not stressed over it as long as i have hit my macro tar­gets at the end of the day. It’s com­mon to see many girls blow out af­ter a show and add 10kgs. Fit­ness Model should have an off sea­son? I think its healthy to have an off sea­son where you slowly re­verse ur diet back up to nor­mal and weight gain should be min­i­mal when fol­low­ing a planed re­vers­ing process. I be­lieve you should show the same de­ci­pline to your diet in the off sea­son as you would in the on sea­son. Set­ting goals is ob­vi­ously a main­stay for suc­cess. Do you feel that the shows have re­ally en­abled you to push to that ex­tra level to bring out the best in you? Yes. Hav­ing a show to train for de­fi­antly gave me an ex­tra edge to push harder and bring in the best pack­age for show day. i pride my­self in hard work and wanted to stand up and stage know­ing i gave it 110%. Just jump­ing back to the gym work, if you could only do three ex­er­cises in or­der of im­por­tance what would they be and why? Dead­lifts, Squats and chin ups. At what point does ex­er­cis­ing go from a pos­i­tive life­style to an ob­ses­sion and how im­por­tant is it to main­tain a bal­ance in life? I be­lieve that a healthy bal­ance is very im­por­tant so that you can en­joy and main­tain a love for fit­ness. Free weights or ma­chines what works best for you? Both i en­joy mix­ing it up. All girls are look­ing to build great shape through their legs and butt, what do you feel works for best for you? Dead­lifts & Squats. For the girls look­ing to com­pete in their first Bikini/Fit­ness Model event where would you sug­gest they start? I’d sug­gest they get them­selves a ex­pe­ri­enced coach. What do you feel is the big­gest mis­take made by peo­ple in their di­ets when look­ing to lose weight? Not track­ing their en­ergy bal­ance and know­ing their daily caloric in­take. Not eat­ing the right amounts of food. What do you con­sider the per­fect break­down for Pro­tein/ Carbs/Fats? What works best for you? I reckon 40% of calo­ries to­wards carbs, 35% to­wards pro­tein & 25% to­wards fats works well. Do you be­lieve in cheat days while di­et­ing and if so why? And where do you draw the line?

I don’t nec­es­sar­ily be­lieve in “cheat Meals”, Thats why I fol­low a flex­i­ble di­et­ing ap­proach with my macros. I do how­ever be­lieve in con­trolled refeed days. Stage pres­ence is one area where you re­ally ex­cel, can you share some tips to as­pir­ing bikini mod­els on how to bring en­ergy and style to the stage? Be con­fi­dent and be proud to show off what you worked so hard for & smile. How im­por­tant is it to se­lect the cor­rect bikini and the­mewear and do you have any tips in this area on mak­ing the right choices? Bikini go a colour that best suits you, your skin and hair colour. theme wear some­thing thats go­ing to suit your per­son­al­ity. It’s the fi­nal three weeks be­fore your next big Fit­ness Model Event, what would your diet look like? Any se­crets you can share for as­pir­ing com­peti­tors? 3 weeks com­ing up to comp I keep my diet very ba­sic with whole­some nutri­tious food. I find stick­ing to food that don’t per­son­ally bloat me. When your comp diet is over what’s your favourite meal? Burg­ers and dougnuts. Who do you ad­mire most in the in­dus­try? My coach Lizzy Cas­sara & Am­ber Walker. Who has had the most im­pact on your life? How? My chil­dren and lov­ing part­ner. What are your goals over the next 12 months in re­spect to com­pe­ti­tions and your ca­reer in gen­eral? My next goal is to have my Pro debut in Las Ve­gas in 2017. In the mean time I’ll be work­ing on build­ing in ar­eas of my physique that I feel will help im­prove my over­all pack­age. My other main fo­cus and pas­sion is ex­pand­ing and build­ing upon my busi­ness as a Free­lance makeup artist. The next 12 months I am driven to make “Flaw­less Makeup Artistry” a great suc­cess. What do you do to re­lax in be­tween all of this? Go on hol­i­days and the beach with my fam­ily. Can you share your web­site, so­cial me­dia links so read­ers can fol­low your suc­cess? Instagram: @miss.sta­cylee. prof­it­ness­model & @flaw­less_­make-up­artistry Face­book: Stacy O’con­nell Ed­i­tors note: Thanks for tak­ing g the time to share your suc­cesss with our read­ers. Con­grat­u­la­tions on your suc­cess and I am look­ing for­ward to shar­ing your on­go­ing suc­cess on the Fit­ness Amer­ica Stage in Las Ve­gas. - Steve Jones Thanks for the amaz­ing op­por­tu­nity and can not wait to com­pete with Nat­u­ral­bodz again and rep­re­sent Aus­tralia on the world stage for my pro debut.

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